Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HAWAII: week two

        Now that we've been here for a week we've become accustomed to the beach life. Pop's invited me to go surfing in the wee hours of the morn. He said it would be a little bit bigger than what I normally surf. I thought, "Sure, I'll go surfing with my Pop's. What's the worst that can happen?". Pop's and I woke up early and drove to Hookipa to shred the gnar. I must have forgotten to sacrifice something I love to the surf gods. Due to my lack of sacrifice the surf gods thought it would be cool to serve me up something fierce and tried to sacrifice me. As Pop's and I started paddling out he pointed to the left and said "See the treachery over there? The rocks with all of the skeleton pieces and meat hanging off? That's the boneyard. Don't go there." We proceeded to paddle out. We took our spots in the line up and I "caught" my first wave but the ocean made sure that would be the last one I would catch. I spent the next two hours in a salt water washing machine barely  escaping the horror that was the boneyard. Later that day Pop's and I built an Oldsmobile 442 model while Shana worked on work stuff. The surf gods would put a halt to all things surf for the rest of the week (small surf/high winds). 
The ocean would be more forgiving the next couple of days. Shana and I headed to Mackena beach (Big Beach) where the shore break was mean enough to split atoms. I some how convinced Shana (scared of all things water) to venture into the abyss. I told her "Once you make it past the anti-matter waves we'll be good. It's all about timing." We did just that. We floated around in the big, beautiful, ocean until we couldn't float no mo'. We met a couple at the beach and started chatting them up. They turned out to be hella cool and we got to talking about our travels (they have more miles on their resume). Dinner that night was homemade tacos with a side of dive bombing bugs (not optional). 
The next day we decided to go back to Big Beach. On the way we saw a frozen banana stand. Even though George Michael wasn't there we remembered that "There's always money in the banana stand". After snapping some pics and picking up a couple of chocolate-peanut butter dipped macadamia nut encrusted frozen bananas we drove on to Big Beach. My mom came over to check out the waves after work. The sunshine had scorched our skin for long enough so we headed back to the house to get ready for Kahalui. My parents went to a Hawaiian  medicinal medicine lecture and Shana and I went to the mall. We weren't there but ten minutes before I spotted our traveling friends from the previous day lurking through the mall. We caught up and hung out until they had to catch their bus back to Kihei and then to the airport for their fifteen hour journey back home. After saying goodbye to our new traveling friends we scurried around the mall for another hour before my parents came to get us. Night time was filled with chilling outside and watching Breaking Bad.
Waking up early is easy when there's adventure involved. Mother had a dr's appointment in Haiku so we all tagged along. We stopped by a second hand store where I purchased a sweet button up and Shana got a rash guard. Shana, Pops, and I waited at the delicious breakfast spot know as Colleen's and sipped on coffee until Mom was finished at the doctors. Here's a tip: If you get there (Colleen's) a little after the breakfast rush and ask for bacon/ham as your side you will be greeted with a mountain of said meat. Colleen can cook a mean breakfast. After devouring three weeks worth of bacon in one sitting we headed over to Paia to do some shopping. Shana had found her new favorite shop and gave them some gold goins in exchange for a pair of pants and a skirt. We stopped in Rock n Brews (Gene Simmon's bar) for some malted beverages and to say hi to a very good friend of my mom and dad's. Next stop on the schedule was the tattoo shop to say hello to another family friend. Circle (said family friend) has tattooed each of my family members (except me... for now). After catching up we headed back to the car and headed home. We took the last part of the day to rest up so we would be up and at em' for when the remaining members of my family arrived. After a late night trip to the airport we came back with my Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, and two cousins (Mom's side). We went back to their condo and caught up for about an hour before everyone's eyelids became heavy. We said goodbye and drove back to the lair to lay our heads on our pillows.
The plan for the next day was cooking breakfast and then heading up to Lahaina... but Mother Nature thought otherwise. She brought howling winds and early spring showers.  Shana spent all morning cooking breakfast and catching beauty tips by Grandma Darlene. The rain and wind were here to stay so Shana made cookies and we all chilled indoors and enjoyed each others company. As the sun went down we ate a delicious dinner my mom prepared and called it a night as the darkness rolled in. 
Another day another delicious breakfast. We cruised over early once again to enjoy morning feeding with the rel-ies. After b-fast some of us drove over to Costco for rations. Gramps found what he was looking for (see photo: My Gramps is cooler than yours) and we gathered other less important items (drum of peanut butter, crate of eggs, seven kilo brick of cheese) and headed back to the condo. Although the rain had stopped the wind didn't get the memo/TPS report that it wasn't welcome. We all waited for my dad to get off work and headed over to the Water Zoo aka Aquarium. Sharks and Jellies and Stingrays, oh my. We timed our journey perfectly and got to witness divers in the shark tank feeding the different water beasts. Once we had our fill of aquatic creatures we headed back to the condo to sip on some Ol' number seven and eat meat and potatoes (the food of my ancestors... on my mothers side). Gramps sure could BBQ a mean side of meat. The night came to a close after the meat smoke had cleared. We bid our family adieu and called it a night. It was the perfect ending to another week in paradise. 

My Gramps is cooler than yours

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