Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HAWAII: week three

Week three in Hawaii was a doozy. It started with some classic boogie boarding at the beach, a little Lego Movie/Thai food date night, and more boogie boarding. Then things got really interesting.
Thursday started with a beautiful horse-back ride in the country, courtesy of Tammy. I got to ride Boomer, a one eyed horse that thought it was funny to bite all the horses on the ass. After horsing around (see what I did there?) Ted (Jerrad's pops) told us that we had a package at the airport to pick up (he works there, so we didn't think much of it). It ended up that the package was a big pile of Cierra, the worst sister-in-law ever, aka the best surprise ever. After picking up sissy at the airport we met up with the rest of the family (grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousins, mom, dad, etc.) and hung out for the remainder of the evening.
The next couple of days were spent hanging out with the family, eating delicious food, looking at lava rocks, and eventually saying goodbye to the Nebraska family - gramps, grams, aunt, and cuzzies.
The week continued with more boogie boarding (IT'S SO FUN), taco nights, shaved ice, and watching movies (Goonies, Space Jam, Fight Club - all the classics).
Then something magical happened; Jerrad, Cierra, and I finally went to the beach on a good* surf day so I could make my first attempt at surfing. I put my booties on, strapped my ankle to the board, and followed Jerrad's lead. We paddled out towards the line-up and waited for a moment to catch our breaths. I looked up and noticed on oncoming wave... with a surfer attached to it... coming straight at me. I got ran over by a fellow beginner surfer, but luckily I escaped without a scratch. We continued to paddle out a little more to avoid any further mishaps and I waited until my arms became solid again (paddling is tiring).
As I was waiting I saw a giant sea turtle pop its head out of the water and give a little wave. Normally, sea life scares me but I was excited to see that dude and took it as a sign of good luck. A wave formed, I got a little push toward it, paddled as fast as possible, and felt the wave take me and the board with it (in a good way). I was catching my first wave!! I decided to try my luck, balance on one knee, and to my surprise I succeeded. I decided to take advantage of my good luck and attempted to stand up."OH MY GOD, I'M IN THE OCEAN. RIDING A WAVE. STANDING UP. AND I'M NOT DYING." When I felt as though I had ridden enough wave, I plopped back on my board and rode it out the rest of the way on my belly. Holy crap, I just surfed. Obviously, it was time to go back to the shore before something terrible happened and I could call it a day. Jerrad paddled with me back to the beach and dropped me off with our stuff. Then he and Cierra rode back out to surf some more. For the next hour I sat silently on my towel confused at what just happened, but feeling so proud and giddy.
When Jerrad and Cierra returned, I noticed Jerrad's leg was no longer a beautiful shade of brown, but bright red. He hit his shin on something stabby-like in the ocean and it was gushing blood. A tourist took notice and offered up a band-aid, so Mister cleaned up his wound and covered up the grossness. He decided he was going to sit out the next session and let Cierra and I give it a try.
I warned Sissy that she had to be extra patient with me, and she was fantastic. She gave me a bunch of incredibly helpful, but simple, pointers like what to do when a wave is coming at you and you're not ready to catch it, where to be on the board when you surf, etc. When a cute enough wave was about to come by I told her I was ready to try it. She gave me a push, and I flew forward. Unfortunately her hand was wrapped on my ankle strap and we both went flying. Fail #1. After a few more missed waves, she gave me a good push and I caught my second stand-up wave!! Which means I'll be a pro any day now. After catching a second successful wave, I decided to really call it quits before I tarnished my memory of surfing with a bad experience.
Ted met up at the beach and it was time to reward ourselves with some surfing dessert: BURGERS. We went to Cool Cat Cafe, ordered some burgers (a delicious veggie one for me with bbq sauce and onion rings on top), fries, and free root-beer floats (score). After stuffing our faces we drove back to Kihei, stopped at a beach, and went for a quick swim. The fantastic week ended with watching a movie, hanging with Cierra's buddy, and a soup dinner (followed by some Girl Scout cookies).

*Not too windy, with adorably-sized waves.

Fears faced thus far: the ocean - boogie boarding and SURFING, centipedes, indoor CANE SPIDERS (google it if you dare), and A SCORPION ON OUR NIGHTSTAND. Yep, there are scorpions in Hawaii. They are rare, but apparently they can smell fear and thrive on it.

Boomer, the one eyed horse

Jedi the horse with Tammy the human

Worst surprise ever

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  1. Woah, you got a deep wound man, try to take care of yourself while traveling. Don't get too involved in the fun that you forget to see that you are hurting yourself. Take care