Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SEATTLE: The city of supposed rain and bad weather

The trip from Portland to Seattle was quite easy and very cheap. You can hop on a Bolt Bus in downtown Portland and be in Seattle in less than three hours for the low low price of eleven dollars. We decided to time warp (sleeping while traveling is like you warped through time and woke up in your desired destination) and arrived in Seattle in no time. We hopped off the Bolt Bus and caught a local bus to our Airbnb. The location of our Airbnb was awesome, but after opening the door we found the actual room we were staying in to be quite grungy. The carpet was riddled with stains and the window wouldn't shut so the owner taped the window closed and insulated his work with bathroom towels. The TV worked fifty percent of the time (at best) and the mattress we slept on was just three old mattresses piled on top of each other.  We decided we needed some food therapy so we trekked off to the marketplace (Pike Market).
The market place was very busy and loaded with tourists (ourselves included). We caught a whiff of some sugar crusted dough being thrown into a hot vat of oil. We rushed over to wait in line for the tasty donut treats that the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company was pumping out. The wait wasn't too long and it was well worth it. After eating some deep fried sugar coated fat pellets we ventured through the rest of the market place and decided to skip the first-ever Starbucks. The line was ridiculously long and I think I saw Satan in there working the register. We ducked the air born mackerels and found the infamous gum wall. The smell of the was was down right... minty. More walking required fuel and we were almost out. We had found a delightful pizza place not too far down the road to fill our tanks. 
Italian Family Pizza is a family run pie shop cranking good food at reasonable prices. We grabbed ours to go and headed back to the airbnb to rest up for the next day.

Day 2
We woke up early to hang with our friend Harper. We walked to a local brunch spot (brunch is big in Seattle) and it was a forty-five minute wait. We didn't feel like standing around for that long so we checked out another spot... that happened to be closed. There was one more brunch spot that required some walking. Along the way Harper and his friend, Shepard, gave us the walking tour of capital hill. The tour came to a stop at the Lost Lake Cafe. 
We drank our mimosas and enjoyed our brunch in the busy restaurant. Not knowing what to do next Harper suggested the ferris wheel to get a great view of the city, so we did just that. 
The ferris wheel was located right next to the marketplace. We all piled in the small cabin and enjoyed the view. Our colds were getting the best of us so we decided to only venture a little more before scurrying back to our Airbnb.

Day 3
We started off our day with some absolutely delicious donuts from Top Pot donuts around the corner from our Airbnb. They had a great selection of fresh baked lard circles. The donuts were great, but we had to rest up so we could go on a dinner adventure later in the day. Our all consuming colds only let us venture so far before the phlegm took over.
We had heard of the Seattle dog and wanted to put one in our mouth. We researched (aka yelped) which dog was mouth worthy and we gambled on a food cart Seattle Dog.
 We hopped a bus and arrived to where the cart was sposed to be and nothing was there but an oil stain and a empty pack of smokes. Luckily we had a back up plan and hiked not to far away to a top notch place called Po Dogs. They serve an array of dogs from all over. They had a Chicago dog and a Philly dog, but I came to feast upon the Seattle dog. Shana got a vegan dog that wasn't too bad. We topped it all off with an order of fried pickles. For those who don't know, a Seattle dog is a hot dog topped with cream cheese. I had mine slathered in grilled onions and added some siracha (jalapeƱos would have been the perfect finisher, but they did not have any). Needless to say my mouth and brain were celebrating while my stomach was battling world war three. Bye bye colon. After the dogs, we hoofed it back to the airbnb to pack and get ready to go home.

Day 4 
Woke up, caught the light rail, caught a plane, hopped in a car and we were back to the land of ever lasting heat waves and blue hairs.  

Top Pot Donuts
Po Dogs: Seattle Dogs
Daily Dozen Doughnut Co.
Italian Family Pizza
Lost Lake Breakfast

(it's a cheesy sunset)

Shepard and Harper


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