Thursday, February 27, 2014


We ventured out to the land where the beach runs long and the family runith deep. Our sister Cierra recently moved to Long Beach with her boyfriend Dylan. We planned to stay with them for a couple of days to check out their new digs. The drive from AZ to CA wasn't too long and it gave us a chance to pass by all the palm towns. Palm Springs, Twenty Nine Palms, and Thirty Trillion Palms or something like that. As we rolled into Long Beach we could smell the ocean breeze and the deep fried dough in circle shapes. Im talkin' about donuts. We passed at least five donut shops before we pulled up to my sisters house. I already love this place. As we saw the last donut shop fade into the distance, we glided into the front of my sisters new house.
It was so awesome to see the sister again. We miss her so. We unloaded all of our crap into the house and took a quick tour of the premises. Their spot was awesome. Turns out we didn't eat enough road snacks so we hopped on some bikes and hit up a local taco spot called Holé Molé. They had quality burritos and fish tacos. Fueled up once again, we headed back to the house for some chilling. 
As the day carried on into the night Cierra had some people over to chill, eat pizza, and watch olympics. We met some of Cierra's new Long Beach friends. They're a really cool bunch. A couple of us helped Dylan bottle beer he created. It looked and smelled tasty, but we would not be able to try it (it needed to finish the second fermentation in the bottle). After the beer bottling party we watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and saw a few events. After the Olympic festivities finished we said goodbye to all our new friends and hit the hay.

The next couple of days went as follows:
Day 1: Went to Hollywood to visit my cousin Jeff, walked the strip a little bit, hopped the train all over the city, threw money into bowls for wishes and luck, snuck Yoshi into places, saw an amazing Bruce Lee tribute statue in Chinatown, ate a giant bowl of ramen, and watched Jamie Anderson (Home Soil reppin') win Olympic gold in Women's Slope Style.
Day 2: Went to Pasadena to hang out with Doctor Brother Zac and Erin, ate breakfast, cruised to Atwater, Shana took pictures of Yoshi wearing different dog hats in a store..., won a crumby shirt playing bingo while eating lunch at Congregation brewery, played Driver SF on XBOX for hella long, Wifey created an amazing bowl from *magic, *gummy-berry juice, rope, thread, and *ooze (*some ingredients may/may not have been used), ate delicious heavy metal burgers and fries at Grill 'em All (this place stole my soul), and drove back to Long Beach.
Day 3: Dinner at Bottega Louie with friend, met friend's girlfriend, came back late, chilled hard.
Day 4: Taco Tuesday, met sister's friends again and ate home made tacos, met new friends and new old friends of friends that we both had..., hella fun was had by all
Day 5: Hollywood sign dog park to meet friend Abby and dog Banksy, Peeped - Silverlake, Echo Park, and Pasadena, chilled with Erin and Doctor Brother, Shana made Cierra a hyphy stuff holding bowl equipt with tv remote holding ring, hung with Richard, had sleepover in Pasadena.
Day 6: Said goodbye to Pasadena and people in it, rode bikes around with sister, got wifey donuts and flowers, went to Signal Hill to watch sunset, Wifey made delicious chocolate encrusted fudge dessert discs for people's mouths, friends came over and made homemade alfredo sauce and pasta, ate dinner, played Shit Head (very fun card game), and met more new friends.
Day 7: Chilled with sister, got good bye Long Beach burritos, said goodbye to sister :(, traveled to LA to hang with friend for a bit, hung with friends and friends of friends, went to Hemmingway's to listen to friend DJ, went to friends apartment to lay our heads down for the night.
Day 8: Woke up early, packed the car and headed home, Yoshi chilled in the back like a real dog/alien creature, made it home safely.

California was super fun and we can't wait to go back. Next up on our To-Do List is to hang out in Hawaii for the month of March. Welp, see ya!

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  1. you are all so amazing and creative with a mind of such great potential. i really loved reading every bit of this post. keep us updated with more