Sunday, January 12, 2014

New year = new adventures

Our first adventure of the year was a fun business trip. We took a roadtrip from San Diego to Dallas. We initially thought we would make some stops along the way and visit roadside attractions but opted to just drive straight there. The view wasn't particularly beautiful. It ended up working out well because we had extra time in Dallas, which meant extra time for food and shopping.
I even got some crocheting done along the way. I worked on a birthday gift to myself and finished it before we got to Dallas (a ridiculously long gold/cream scarf that feels like a wearable hug).
Once we were in Dallas we made sure to fit in the essentials: BBQ, donuts, pie, and shopping. Jerrad did some research and found a highly recommended BBQ place called Lockhart Smokehouse. I got the mac n cheese and blue cheese coleslaw while Jerrad got piles of animal carcass (jalapeƱo sausage and brisket). We were both happy and stuffed afterwards. We were so full that we purposely didn't eat any dessert. But we made up for that the next day.
Jerrad did some more food research and found us a delicious donut shop called Hypnotic donuts. We shared donuts with flavors like habanero orange, espresso, caramel, and circus animal cookie. Sooo good. Our sugar cravings were activated, so we decided to get sweets instead of lunch. We ended up at Emporium pie shop and chose a slice of the Cloud Nine pie, which had house made caramel, butterscotch custard and toasted brown sugar meringue. HEAVEN.
During the day we also shopped around the Bishop arts district which had a bunch of cute shops. We had two favorite shops. The Neighborhood Store (where we purchased a ceramic alligator jaw and my first business card holder, because I'm an adult now) and We Are 1976 (where we purchased a whiskey set that was obviously made just for us).
Overall it was a fun little trip to start off the year and get us excited for the upcoming adventures we have planned. Next up is a trip we've been talking about doing for a while and are super excited to finally visit; the Pacific Northwest! Get ready for way too many photos of food, craft shops, and trees.

some jewelry I was drooling over at Neighborhood Shop, by Frank

our new favorite material goods

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