Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Textile Tuesdays


     Dye day! I decided to do a little ne-maki shibori for the over-dyeing of the purple fabric. I was happy with the outcome. I’ll do one more process with the fabric before I turn it into a scarf.

     In the same dye bucket I attempted dyeing a cotton scarf and hat ombre pink. I’ll definitely be doing some more ombre in the future.

     Apparently I was in a hat mood because I also made two hats with some of my “special” yarn (you know; that yarn you love so much that you put it aside and it never gets used... or is that just me?). I finally decided to dip into my favorite yarn collection and start making things with it. I used some pretty cotton blends and my guilty pleasure: gold sparkly yarn. I hope to have some of these finished products in my Etsy shop by December.

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