Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Textile Tuesdays

      Textile Tuesdays; because only one day a week dedicated to playing with yarn and fabric just isn’t enough. I decided to be twice as productive* by adding one more day a week to work on side projects. Why Tuesday? Because it was the second easiest alliteration I could think of - the first was “Fiber Fridays”.
      For the first Textile Tuesdays I made some scarves while playing around with my favorite stitches and techniques. Scarves have always been my absolute things to make. I definitely have my go-to styles, but I’m excited to add some variety to them in the next few weeks. 

*In this case, “productive” means working on fun projects in order to procrastinate.

gigantic Play-Doh colored scarf

Medusa scarf?

my assistant, who is great at offering moral support

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