Friday, November 1, 2013

Fiber Fridays

  Now that I’m 100% self employed (without my cubicle-dwelling safety net) I have to be highly self motivated. This proved extremely difficult the first few weeks after our honeymoon. We were tired, wanted to catch up with friends, it was during holidays (fall parties, Halloween, etc.), and we had not yet worked out a productive routine. In addition to filling orders for my two Etsy shops, I decided it was finally time to introduce new products and pull some ideas off of the back-burner. This meant I had to figure out what “time management” meant. I’m still not totally sure I understand the concept. How do you manage time when your adorable pug wants to have their photo taken all day long? How do you manage time when there’s a new episode of Boardwalk Empire begging to be watched? How do you manage time when your spontaneous friends want to do fun things all the time?
          To be honest, I don’t know the best answer for me yet. But I’m going to attempt a few strategies. I thought setting up specific days of the week for specific tasks might help keep me focused. That’s where “Fiber Fridays” came in. First off, I love alliteration so obviously “Fiber Fridays” gets me excited right off the bat. I’ve dedicated Fridays to working on projects that I’ve been putting off for years, experimenting with different processes, and getting use out of my massive collection of yarn (see photo: I have a problem). I no longer have an excuse to push back ideas. It’s on the internet now. I’ve committed. Hopefully soon I’ll have some progress to show for it. Until then, I’ve got some HBO to watch and Yoshi pictures to take.

 experimenting with crocheting and felting

I have a problem

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