Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Day 87, Room with a view... within walking distance - 10/3
By Jerrad

Another day another adventure. Shana and I woke up expecting to see overcast skies once again. I opened the shutters and to our surprise the sky was blue and cloudless. The sun had shown her bright, beautiful face for the first time in a week. The light hit Shana, still lying in bed, and she yelled "AHHHHHHH MY SKIN IS ON FIRE!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!! CLOSE THE SHUTTERS OR I WILL TEAR YOU LIMB FROM FIMB". Seeing how much I loved my limbs I closed the shutters and let Shana shower the burnt skin off her body*. After she finished we proceeded to get ready for our first sunny day in a week. 
We walked around our neighborhood for awhile and up the mighty hill. As we scaled portuguese Mount Everest we came to a stunning view of the city. We snapped some photos and walked to our destination: Pharmacia. As we walked to the restaurant we noticed it was under construction and thought we had walked up the hill for nothing but a stunning view. We held our breath in hopes we didn't waste our energy with something we could have looked up on google. They were open. Whew. Our energy hadn't been wasted on the view alone. We had to duck under some rafters, but Pharmicia was indeed open during their remodel. 
The restaurant was awesome. It was forties/fifties hospital themed. If Etsy was to birth a restaurant, this would be it. If Pharmacia was in the states it would be the place where hipsters would travel from all around claiming to like the place before it was cool and ordering their meal based on how good it would photograph on Instagram and not how good it tasted. Luckily Pharmicia was far away from the skinny jean toting, fixie riding, flannel wearing chode bags and we could enjoy our meal hipster free. We ordered goat cheese stuffed eggplant wraps, potato skins, bread & butter, gazpacho, and an incredible rice dish. The food at Pharmacia was amazing. The bill even came in a urine sample cup. We said farewell to our new favorite restaurant and headed back to the apartment. 
While the walk, food, and view were all amazing, they took all of our energy. We were still getting over Shana's black-bubonic-death plague and the walk had taken a lot out of us. The airbnb we were staying was quite nice so we thought we'd take advantage of it.  
We stayed in the rest of the night in hopes the sickness would subside, plus it's the first time we had our own couch and a TV in awhile. TV, I giveth to you my soul. May you bestow emptiness and useless knowledge upon it.

*The sun didn't burn Shana. It really wants to every time it sees her, but it didn't burn her this time. 

Day 88, Shreddin' the Gnar - 10/4
By Jerrad

BEACH DAY!!!!! Shana and I had planned to go to the beach since  the sun had decided to grace us with her presence once again. As I woke up with a smile on my face SeƱor Rain was in the distance ready to wipe that grin straight off. Dark, gloomy clouds laid on the horizon. We looked up directions on how to get to the beach just in case the rain decided to make like a tree and get out of there. 
We looked outside after a while and the clouds had yet to leave. We were researching what to do now that our beach day was in limbo. An hour later I took one more peek outside and the plan killing clouds were gone. KKKKKKAAAAAA MMMAAAAA DDAAAAA YYYEEEEAAAAAA HA!!!!
There were a couple different beaches we could have gone to. Some of them were not easily accessible by public transportation. We chose Carcavelos beach because it was the easiest to get to and the closest. Once our bags were packed we headed off.
The walk to the train station took twenty minutes. Once we got there the ticket kiosks were broken so we stood in the long line that had formed in front of the ticket office. The train station ran a pretty tight ship and the line had moved pretty fast. I got to the front and asked for two tickets to Carcavelos. I must have said it wrong because the guy behind the glass looked at me strange. I attempted to say Carcavelos again and had failed miserably judging by the look on his face. I pulled out the phone and pointed to the destination on the map. He said, "Oh Carcavelos. That'll be nine euro." I couldn't tell if he we messing with me because when he repeated our destination back to me it sounded exactly the same. We had our tickets and were off to our platform. Our train had arrived and we hopped on.
A short ride later we came to our destination. Shana had found an Indian restaurant she wanted to try and we headed off in that direction. Shana was excited and said she was hungry. "OH CRAP, NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I thought to myself. When Shana says she's hungry that means she was hungry an hour ago and now shes starving and when shes starving she feeds on my happiness. We made our way to the restaurant to find out it was closed. We decided to just get a bite to eat near the beach... If I could make it that far. 
A short walk later we were at Carcavelos. I noticed the beach was decorated with a lot of Rip Curl and Billabong tents and flags. As we walked closer we found out they were holding the ASP Girls Pro Surf Competition there. The world championships in fact. I was excited to see girl surfers shred the gnar. Turns out the competition started at eight thirty in the morning and was already over by the time we got there. That was ok because we had another task at hand. Finding FOOD!!!!!
We walked by at least six overpriced cafe/coffee stands. We came across one that had reasonable prices. The Windsurf cooks up a mean bacon and egg burger with cheese. Their fries weren't too bad either. Mission: Lunch had been completed and we headed to the sand to enjoy sun and surf. 
Shana isn't a big fan of the ocean. Every time we go to a beach I get her to go out a little bit further. The surf was just big enough to bodysurf. Man I miss the water. The ocean had ninja starred me one too many times so I headed in to see if Shana could hold my hair back while I threw up starfish and a small pile of doubloons*. The sun had taken advantage of our pasty white skin for long enough. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the apartment. 
The sun had set and Shana had prepared an amazing dinner. We ate and drank and enjoyed another amazing day in a far away land.

*There were no starfish, or doubloons, or throw up. 

Day 89, Fleas - 10/5
By Shana

I woke up a little before Jerrad so I decided to make some breakfast. After eating cheesy eggs we lounged around the apartment for a bit. When we had our fill of being lazy we decided to venture out into the city.
We crammed into famous Tram 28 which was super packed. Apparently everyone else had the same idea we did; check out the flea market. After what felt like forever, we hopped off the super hot sardine can.
We walked a bit further and found the Feira da Ladra, a huge flea market. There were piles and piles and piles of stuff. There were vendors selling vintage clothes, antique toys, old cameras, handmade jewelry, knock-off purses, and more. After walking around the flea market for a while we decided to ditch it and walk around the rest of the Alfama district for a bit before catching the Tram 28 back.
While riding the tram I saw a row of craft shops that were yelling at me to check out. We hopped off the tram and walked towards them only to find out they were closed. CURSES! To be fair, it was Sunday evening and they looked like little mom and pop shops. I made sure to take note of their location so that I could check them out at a later date.
We continued to walk around and window shop for a while before returning to our cave. We got back to the apartment, ate dinner, melted on the couch, and became potatoes for the rest of the evening.

cape practice

classic cookie crisp coffee
fanciful dinner by Shana


  1. Omg such beautiful photos of Lisbon! And WOW your hair is sooo long Jerrad!! Super-duper! The resturant looked cool. But....I hope that's not a bedpan you're eating out of. mmmmm... But the soup looked good so I'm gonna make some tomato soup after this. All food looked yummy. Shana, you look beautiful and don't look sick to me. I hope you feel better. Fantastic blog you two. see ya soon!

  2. Great pictures. I really like that first one of the sky. Portugal looks amazing. Breakfast burgers sounded amazing at first, but then there was a lot of talk about throw up, so I'm not sure now.