Friday, October 25, 2013

Party in the USA

baby Yoshi & Dr. Brother

Day XXX - Back with a vengeance 
by Jerrad

It’s been fourteen days since we came back to the land of dry heat, DELICIOUS BURRITOS!!!!!!! and debauchery. We thought we’d be bummed out coming back to the “normal life”, but we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy. Not only that but we’ve been having a lot of fun. 
Shana decided she was sick of her hair and wanted to chop it all off and/or grow it out slash perm mullet mohawk pixie bob bangs... She settled on temporarily dying it purple instead. Whew (see photo: Sexy Grimace). To celebrate our coming home we decided to throw an impromptu BBQ to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than to wrap chicken in bacon and have it hangout over some fire? There were some vegetables too and a hot dog or seven. A couple of our friends managed to make it over even though we only gave people a five hour warning. We passed the time by sharing stories, showing our party tricks, and making fun of each other. All in all it was great time. 
Now that we were back we could start eating healthy again... starting monday.... of next week. Before we hopped on the salad train we had some local eateries we had to visit. We ate pizza, donuts, Cornish Pasty, ice cream, candy, bacon, hot dogs, burgers, magic stuffed pita’s, and probably other treats I can’t remember. Breathing is hard now. At least I’m fifteen pounds cooler. Salad town... here we come... =(. 
Much like eating healthy, getting back into a routine was pretty tough. Not having a routine besides eating eight times a day had taken a toll on our motivation. We found a small gym that was within walking distance. Before we decided to join that gym we thought we’d try running and biking. You know, the free stuff. Shana decided to run. She made it six minutes before her leg bones shattered slicing her muscles to ribbons. I tried bike riding and I made it about two miles before my lungs spontaneously combusted causing my stomach to rupture and the acid melted my insides and then I caught fire*. We decided the gym would be best. We’ve been going every day since we joined, which brings the total to three days in a row. Trying to make your clothes fit again is a pretty good motivator. Not only that, we’ll be moving to Hawaii in January and I hear the translucent blue/white amoeba shape isn’t in anymore (especially at the beach) so we have that to combat as well.
Our lives are in limbo and I’m very proud of my wife for not freaking out. We’re not too sure where we want to live or what we want to do. It’s nice, but it’s very very strange. We’re at a cross roads and we’re at the point where we just have to finish the whiskey flask, toss it in the air and see which way it points. 
*It only felt like that. 

sexy Grimace

 grilled lettuce for the win

The Strotherses

Girls night:
Lovely Kristin and Shannon

fun with Shannon's scrunchie... 


pumpkin carving party = delicious food spread

Kristin (Ms. Hostess) and Andrew

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