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Day 85, Fuseta to Lisbon - 10/1
by Shana

Jerrad and I woke up excited to start the final portion of our trip; Lisbon. We got ready for the day and headed downstairs to check out. The hotel host was so incredibly nice and she wished us safe travels as we said goodbye.
We walked to the train station and when we got there we noticed a strange smell. There were a bunch of teenagers loitering around and the air seemed to smell of jazz cigarettes. Someone else must have noticed the strange smell and narced because the cops showed up looking for the perpetrators. The cops eventually left empty handed. As soon as the fuzz were gone, one of the whippersnappers crossed the train tracks and began searching in the dirt and grass for their... well... grass. After a few panicked minutes the teen found his jazz cigarette, crossed the tracks again, and joined the other hooligans for celebrating. Teens: 1, cops: 0.
The train immediately arrived after the failed drug bust, so we hopped on for a short train ride to Faro. We arrived at our destination with an hour wait until the next train, so we decided to visit the train station cafe. We were a bit tired so we ordered two cups of espresso, we were also a bit thirsty so we ordered a large water bottle, and we were a bit "I DON'T GIVE A F**K" so we ordered some whiskey (Irish coffee for the win). Portugal is by far the cheapest place we've visited. For all of our liquid treats at the train station it was only 4.10 euro. Score.
After drinking our liquids we saw that our next train had arrived. We hopped on, set up our luggage, and sat in the seats we thought were ours (FORESHADOW). The train took off and we began our journey. After about an hour the train stopped and let more travelers on. An elderly couple came up to us, pointed at our seats, and motioned that they wanted to sit where we were. After telling them to suck my left one, I showed them my train ticket with the corresponding correct seat numbers, pointed to the other 84 open seats, and told them to sit their fannies down in one of them. They obliged after giving us some dirty looks*. The train began moving again and after about an hour a train employee started walking through the aisles to stamp tickets. When he came to our seats, I pointed at our tickets to ask if we were in the correct spot, and he told us the seats were correct... but the train car was not. He said we were one car up. Oops. Since the train was getting a little more packed we told the elderly couple, "Sorry, dudes" and moved to our correct seats. No harm done. 
After another hour and few more stops the train was nearly packed. Jerrad noticed a group of people (a man and two women) getting on the train, struggling with a ton of luggage. Jerrad, being in the top 1% of nicest people in the world, got out of his seat and went to help said people. They didn't speak any english so they played a quick game of Charades. Jerrad motioned that he wanted to help, grabbed one of the pieces of luggage, and the man smiled at him. Unfortunately one of the women in the group missed out on Charades, gave him a nasty stink eye, snatched the luggage out of Jerrad's hands, and hissed at him**. The train employee witnessed the small debacle, shook his head at the crotchety woman, and gave Jerrad and pat on the shoulder.
After our mildly uneventful travel day, we finally arrived in Lisbon. We walked out of the train station into some rain and ran around trying to find the correct bus. Once Jerrad (who will no be referred to as Mr. EuropeanNavigatorManWhoHappensToBeSuperHandsome) found us the correct bus (and the correct stop) we arrived at our Airbnb. We were greeted by our Airbnb host who gave a quick tour of the beautiful home and presented us with Portuguese bottle of wine and cheese. WINE AND CHEESE! We were very impressed with the Airbnb and happy to be living in something that resembled a home rather than a hostel. Mr. EuropeanNavigatorManWhoHappensToBeSuperHandsome and I decided to give into the rain (and long travel day) by staying inside for the night. I cooked us up a yummy, tomato-y rice dish and we sipped on wine until we passed out (not from being black-out drunk, but from sleepiness because we're classy).

*Even though none of us spoke the same language, it was actually very cordial and somehow communicated that if the train got full we would double check out seat numbers and move if necessary.
**I lied about the hissing.

Day 86, Another rainy day in Europe - 10/2
by Shana

Apparently our new Airbnb came with a free wake-up call. Unfortunately the wake-up call came in the form of loud construction work at 8am. Obviously we weren't ready to wake up at this time so we shoved some earplugs in and tried to go back to sleep. The Mister successfully dozed off again while my brain decided I had enough sleep. A couple of hours later our original morning alarm went off and Jerrad woke up as well. I decided to make him a nutrition breakfast for our first day in Lisbon (see photo: HONEYMOON 4LYF).
We were still a bit pooped from the previous travel day (and getting over colds) so we decided to take it easy and watch some terrible tv. After melting our brains with MTV "reality" shows we were ready to venture in the Real World™ (see what I did there?) and explore a bit of Lisbon. Our destination was shoe store named Eureka that had most of its shoes made in Portugal.
We began walking towards the store when my crafty senses noticed a handmade shop out of the corner of my eye; ArtefaB. We walked in and noticed some cute jewelery, dresses, purses, and other handmade items throughout the shop. There was only one employee working and she happened to be the shop owner and clothing designer. She was extra friendly and we ended up chatting for about 30 minutes. Her dress designs were really pretty and she had a good eye for charming handmade stuff. After purchasing a floral scarf from her we were on our way again.
Next, we accidentally came across the Praça do Comércio where we took a couple shots of the Rua Augusta Arch. The building was very beautiful. We were also approached by our first Portuguese drug dealer. First the dealer offered us weed. When we declined and began to walk away he kindly wanted to know if cocaine was our drug of choice. Again, we declined. Then the thoughtful drug dealer offered us MDMA to which we said, "YES, PLEASE". Just kidding. We continued to walk briskly away while saying nope, nope, and nope. This situation was particularly interesting because there was a large police station right next to the Arch, which apparently didn't phase this young entrepreneur. Once the persistent man was onto his next potential customers we resumed our normal speed of walking.
We walked towards the main shopping strip to people watch and window shop. Apparently Jerrad just has that "please offer me drugs" look because we were approached two more times. One of the dealers even gave Jerrad a nickname while trying to get his attention; "Mr. Bombastic."
When we were done window shopping we were ready to check out Eureka and do some actual shopping. We found the store and were happy to get to see the shoes in person. While they were nice shoes, we weren't super stoked on any of them and left empty handed. Since we had put money aside for shoe shopping, we now had a surplus of money. What better way to spend money burning a hole in your pocket than on walking fuel? ICE-CREAM TIME.
We came across a shop called Santini Chiado, which is a very old and popular gelato shop in Lisbon. We shared a cone with a scoop of coffee and a scoop of caramel. It was ok tasting, but it was no ice-cream. Gelato is one step away from being frozen yogurt which might as well be broccoli. I prefer my ice-cream full of fat, thank you.
When we were done with our fake ice-cream we started walking home again and the rain began to fall a bit harder. We took it as a sign to stay in for the night so we made to sure to pick up a few essentials for the evening. We found a store that sold cheap booze and picked up a bottle of Bushmills for cheaper than we could find in the states (score). Next we needed some classy dinner so we were really excited to find a store sold instant noodles. We've sort of made a tradition of trying noodle packets in each city/country we visit (our favorites so far were from Venhuizen). The store was instant noodle paradise. They had so many flavors that it was hard to pick just one, so we decided to stock up on a bunch (see photo: we're totally going to get scurvy).
We arrived back home ready to relax and enjoy some honeymoon juice. We finished the night with eating some msg soup, watching junky TV, and taking an 8 hour nap.


we're totally going to get scurvy

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