Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fuseta, Portugal

Day 83, Going back to where it all began - 9/29
by Jerrad

Waking up in a moving coffin is pretty weird. The train beds were just big enough to fall asleep in, but not big enough to move around in. At seven am one of the employees knocked on our door and handed us our tickets back. We quickly packed up our things and waited for the moving bunk bed to reach the station. 
We arrived in Lisbon early in the wee hours of the morning. We had about an hour to find the train to Faro. Locating the the platform wasn't too hard. When we bought our tickets we noticed we only had ten minutes to find our train to Fuseta once we got to Faro. This wasn't going to be a problem, except the our train to Faro showed up nine minutes late. That would make our next stop interesting, to say the least. We jumped on the train to Faro and found our seats.  
Hours had gone by and we seemed to be on time. We were steadily approaching the Faro station and Shana and I geared up to hopefully catch our next train. As the brakes were applied and the train came to a halt we pushed the women and children out of our way and Godzilla'd some old folk who couldn't get it together*. As soon as our feet hit the ground at the Faro station we scrambled to find our train to Fuseta. We asked a person who worked there and he said he didn't know. We ran to a train with the driver chatting with a station employee and asked him if that was the train to Fuseta. He looked at us a little puzzled and said, "Fuseta? Sim, sim." while nodding. We were relieved and climbed on as the train was leaving the station. 
Our Fuseta stop had come up and we hopped off the train. I checked our map and found our way to the studio apartment we rented for the next two nights. Turns out the apartment was right next to the church my grandma was baptized at. We checked in and we were greeted with a very warm welcome. We were shown up to our room and we were surprised to see how nice it was. As we unloaded our stuff we walked right back our to get a bite to eat and just walk around. 
I wanted to visit the church, but there was a service going on and I decided it'd be better to let them finish before checking out the church. We headed to the small town square and walked into a small pastry shop and got a snack. Post fueling up we walked down to the beach and saw a storm (that seemed to be following us) brewing in the distance. We   decided to walk back in the direction of the apartment just in case. We spotted a grocery store and went in to check it out. We were surprised to see that they had Cristal, and how reasonably priced it was. I thought, "What a better place to celebrate and pop bottles". We picked up two bottles of Cristal, breakfast foods for the next day, and headed back out. The rain had come back in full force and we had to run back to the apartment before we got soaked to the bone. 
We made it back to the apartment only half soaked. The rain was coming down pretty hard so we decided to wait for a break in the storm before we ventured back out. 
There was a small break in the storm so we headed out to walk around the town some more. Before doing too much walking we dipped into a small restaurant for some food. I opted for the fish (caught that day) and Shana got a cheese omelette (see photo: can I eat yet?). The staff at Capri de João Farrobinha was very friendly and we thanked them for their services and headed back to towards the church. As we got to the church again we witnessed a wedding in the works that would go on until the church closed. I took that as a sign to visit the church the next day. The rain had picked back up as we made it back to the apartment. 
We passed the time by drinking homemade tinto's (red wine and lemon soda) and watching TV for the first time since I could remember. TV was pure crap (mainly because they didn't have ESPN). The rain hadn't let up so we decided to use it as a sleep sound machine and headed off into dreamland.

Day 84, Walking on Hallowed Ground- 9/30
by Jerrad

I woke up a little earlier than Shana and made us breakfast. Nothing like egg and cheese sandwiches to start off the day. The rain had yet to leave us. It went from pouring to drizzle so we decided it was time to visit the church.
As we walked across the parking lot we noticed it was very full. As we approached the entrance we saw some people crying and there was a hearse parked in front. The church would have to wait. We walked around the corner to visit the cemetery instead. 
After the cemetery we decided to the walk the town. The rain was still only lightly falling. As we were venturing the small town of Fuseta we picked up some chotchkies to commemorate our visit and an umbrella to combat the rain. Still determined to walk the entire town we strolled the small streets and came upon a shop that sold Portuguese yarn. The wifey was extremely happy on our recent find. Shana took her time and picked out her favorite colors in the shop. Shana's mind had been made and we packed up her new purchase. The rain asked, "you mad bro?". The rain could give a damn if we were mad or not and decided to let the flood gates open up anyway. Shana and I tried to endure the monsoon, but the rain thought we needed a break so it proceeded to break our umbrella. With a broken umbrella we sped walked back home so our colds wouldn't get any worse. We made it back to the apartment and waited for another break in the storm.
Time had passed and there was a small break so we walked back out to continue our journey. We left the apartment and we finally got to check out the church. 
I walked to the front of the church and pushed the doors. They were locked. I tried the side door and it was also locked. We noticed a construction worker walking around the corner and he left the other side door open. Shana and I let ourselves in. There was no priest there due to the construction so we had the church to ourselves (minus the three workers reconstructing).
I can't put into words the emotions that come over me when I stepped in. This is where my grandmother, the cornerstone of the Xavier family, was baptized. This is where she went to church on Sunday's. This is where one of the most influential people in my life spent her childhood. I closed my eyes and saw her smile. I remembered all of the happy moments. Her style, her advise, her amazing ability to just make you feel better about who you were. I remembered when she said she was proud of me. I sat in the church and just remembered. After sometime I looked at Shana and let her know I was ready to leave. We got up and I had one more thing to say before we left. I love you grandma. You're my hero and I miss you.
The rain had let up just a bit so we walked the rest of the town and soaked in as much of Fuseta as we could. 
We walked through the streets again and ended up at the beach. As we got to the sand's edge the sky had turned dark and decided to unleash its liquid fury. Our rain soaked hides dipped into the local sports bar. 
Shana and I waited out the Dihydrogen monoxide flurry whilst drinking with the locals and watching "The Mummy" on the bar's only TV. I remember the movie being better, but I also remember liking mayonnaise at one point in my life. Times change. The wall of water was there to stay so we paid our bill and ran back to the apartment, broken umbrella and all. 
The rain wasn't letting up and the sun was starting to set. We decided to get our things together for the next morning because we could be on another adventure (weather permitting) running around Fuseta. Once our satchels were organized we broke out the Cristal bottles we were saving (see billboard: POPPIN BOTTLES CUZ THATS HOW WE DO, SON!!!!) and celebrated. Mother nature's sound machine had taken effect again and we became sleepy. Mr. Sandman was not to be taken lightly. He shuffled for a few seconds, lit up, and threw three uppercuts, and we were out faster than Mario could count to ten. 

our fancy hotel

can I eat yet?

sleepy kitty (not dead)

Portuguese yarn!

view from the hotel

motorcycle club / super narrow sidewalks

faux brick



  1. mumu, mumiseeta, muOctober 3, 2013 at 4:43 PM

    Waaaaaaa, Grandmother.........Excuse me while I wipe my tears.....(really) Okay. Wonderful photos you guys. Looks like a quaint little fishing town. And your pad looked very comfy. Sorry it was so rainy, but you know: the rain in Portugal lies mainly on the wings of a port seagull. Bye-bye-now

  2. The staff at the Superstition Springs Chipotle wishes you a safe trip home. Shana, we saved some
    guacamole for you from your last visit here. (Pretty sure it's okay to eat, still kinda green)