Sunday, October 13, 2013

Almost Home

Day 91, I know his boys, yo look, they down with Skeletor - 10/7
by Jerrad

Living out of a backpack for three months had taken it's toll on Shana and I. We decided to do laundry and stay in for the day. Thanks for reading. 
Our laundry had dried and we figured we needed to do something with our day so we hit the road and went on an adventure. 
Turns out there was a castle close enough to walk to from our apartment. We took full advantage of this and by full advantage I mean we flashed our Student ID's and got a mega discount. 
Castle Grayskull* provided a stunning view of Lisbon. We got there just in time to photograph the sunset (see screenshot: Ansel Adams ain't got nothin on this son). We stormed the different towers to get different views of the city. On our way to one of towers there were some people dressed up as knights and archers. I don't know how valid they were though because not one of them had a holy hand grenade or knew the Knights who said NEE. Once the sun had done it's setting we hurried to the museum to check out the artifacts they had found at the castle some time ago. 
The museum was nice, and the city at night time was also a stunning site. We could only take so much stunning so we headed back to the lab to cook. 
Lady Shana had made dinner and we celebrated our awesomeness until it overtook us and we blacked out, aka went to sleep.

*Castle St. George, but Grayskull is a better name. 

Day 92, Wool and LSD? Sure, why not? - 10/8
by Jerrad

Todays adventure involved yarn and craft shops... yay =[. Unfortunately we had found a street that contained four different craft stores side by side... DAMN IT! I mean hooray. Shana and I made our way to the city center for craft store mania. Shana waked passed each shop and scoped out the goods. We stopped by the middle shop and Shana had picked up about a meter of gold rope. This left us with no cash. Shana spent our last dollar NOT on sustenance, but yarn. We had to go to an ATM to take out more money so she could get some yarn... sweet. We came back to the shop so Shana could buy a giant skein of yarn. I love her and it makes her happy so I was one hundred percent down. The damage had been done, but we had to walk to one more shop to see if they had anything special that the other shops didn't.
The other craft store had a bunch of great fabric (so I was told), but nothing cool enough for Shana to buy. We said thank you to the owner and walked back to the apartment. 
Dinner was next on our agenda and we washed the grime off and got ready. We had planned to get to the restaurant around sunset, but we had more grime on us than we thought. Pharmacia was just as cool during the night as it was during the day. Shana and I had ordered the fixed price menu where the chef picked all of our courses. Shana made it clear she suffers from vegetarianism and they understood and made the necessary changes. We ordered an LSD to sip on before our feast arrived. All of their drinks were named after drugs (pharmaceutical or not) and the LSD was essentially an old fashion (see melting picture: lucy in the sky w/ diamonds). First up was the Portuguese gazpacho which was served in a plastic graduated cylinder. We had this the last time we came and it tasted better coming from a graduated cylinder. Next up was the fresh fig, arugula, and heart of romaine salad with balsamic vinaigrette and the honey and goat cheese toast. Mmmmmmm. Our next course was sautéed asparagus with a balsamic glaze and a Portuguese sausage ball (linguiça mashed up with corn meal and thyme then breaded and baked) with red pepper jam. (see scene: What's not to like? Corn meal: good, jam: good, sausage: GOOOOD!). Next on honeymoon food-feast-fest twenty thirteen was an egg, potato, cheese, and mushroom dish for Shana and a small fillet of white fish over grits with scallops and pesto to finish. Each dish was excellent. We were sure that was the last course before dessert, but we were wrong. Next came a vegetable, rice, and cheese dish that was amazing and on my side of the table they had laid out a stuffed half quail over golden potatoes... so full. Last, but not least was dessert. A long black plate was slid under our noses. This black slat contained an apple crisp, a fig tart made with some sort of liquor (I was fading in and out of consciousness from dinner and couldn't remember what liquor our waiter said was in the tart), a slice of double chocolate cake, and homemade whip cream with berries to finish (see photo collage: so happy, so full, so sad). I felt like my stomach was going to Incredible Hulk out of my pants. We thanked the friendly staff at Pharmacia and rolled ourselves down the hill towards the apartment. 
Food coma sleep is always the best and by best I mean the worst and a little dicey. We made it through our romantic honeymoon feast and couldn't wait until we could do it again. I think my pajamas are shrinking too.

Day 93, Everyone needs a butthole - 10/9
By Jerrad

I didn't think it was possible to wake up full. I had woken up almost as full as I was when I went to bed. Wow. Breakfast and movement in any form were out of the question. Something needed to happen. I downed a cup of coffee that would either speed up the process or ultimately be my demise. I rolled the dice and crapped out... heh? Gambling slash poop joke? Heh? After the fecal serum took effect we started the process of packing. Shana and I were both excited to go back home. We missed our Yoshi, family, friends, burritos, and cheap no-trient (or faux-trient) filled foods. Shana caught up on some photo editing and I went through our stuff and tossed things we no longer needed, like shrunken jeans and crumby two-in-one shampoo bottles.
The hours had passed and we had almost finished packing and cleaning. I was itching for one last meal in Lisbon before heading home. We headed off to a place favorited by locals.
Our voyage lead us to Casa de India. A small mom and pop eatery fifteen walking minutes from the apartment. Shana and I glanced over the menu written in only Portuguese. I saw the word bacon and what I thought was a seafood stew. Even if it wasn't seafood, at least it had bacon. Shana and I sat in the small eatery and chatted about our favorite parts of the trip. The waiter showed up a little while later and placed a plate of french fries with bacon on top and cut linguica on the bottom in front of me. Hells yes. I feasted on the ticking gut bomb, washed it down with a Portuguese beer, and we were off. 
There was still a bit more to clean and other loose ends to tie up before we left the next day. Everything had been tidied up and all of our loose ends were tightened. We finished off the night by watching the Tarantino classic "Pulp Fiction". 
Right before bed Shana and I shared a beautiful conversation that went as such:  

Shana: "I'm such a butthole to you sometimes."
Me: "Yeah, but everyone needs a butthole."
We laughed until our tummies hurt, kissed each other good night, and went off into slumber land to saw logs.

ansel adams-sunset from castle



lucy in the sky w/ diamonds

What's not to like? Corn meal: good, jam: good, sausage: GOOOOD!
so happy, so full, so sad

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