Thursday, September 19, 2013


Jesse Man

Day 66, Secastilla, F*ck Yeah!!!  - 9/12
by Jerrad
Another good ol' wake up holler came bellowing up from the second floor. It came crashing through our door at half past eight. We awoke to a delicious breakfast of muffins, toast, and homemade fig jam (made by Jesse the previous day from fresh, hand picked figs). At breakfast we were informed of our duties until second breakfast/lunch. Shana was to take a trip to art land (hooray for both of us) and I was to help Jesse rearrange a storage spot to put the onions we had picked the day before. As we finished up our delicious breakfast and cleaned the dishes Shana and I parted ways and we got to the gettin'. 
Jesse and I went to his mountain house to grab an old box spring to put the onions on to dry. While we were there he informed me of their plans of moving into the mountain house one day after all of the renovations were done. We packed the box spring into the small Suzuki Samurai (with no back seat) and we went to the storage spot.
Creating room for the onions was a little tricky. There were potatoes lying about, also in storage, that we had to consolidate as not to mash them with our feet. After the consolidating was finished we set the box springs up on chairs and unloaded our harvest. Jesse said the raised box springs were perfect for air to hit all around the onion to dry faster. We then walked back to Casa Lusia to help with the rest of the chores. I helped Viki with the bean peeling and Shana was still on her art land adventure-fun-work?-fest-journey-a-thon. We were almost done bean spilling when we were called to lunch.
There was a special treat for us meat consumers at this lunch. Jesse had made some gravy from the fat of the lamb (from the previous day's slaughter) using fat, water, pepper, and flour. It resembled the gravy that's served with biscuits and gravy. The homemade lamb gravy was served to me with a slice of bread. I filled half the bread with the gravy. Once that gravy soaked bread hit my mouth I knew, in my heart, that I would kick a dog to acquire this savory, peppery, mouth watering, worth its weight in gold coins, goodness again. Mmmmmmmmm. Once the dream that was lunch had come and gone it was time to get back to work. 
Viki and I worked in a different storage area after lunch. We tossed out rotten potatoes, peeled the dry skin of onions, organized, and cleaned up. After completing these tasks I was called to help feed the hens and bunnies. I was also instructed that I would be fixing and creating a solid hold for the bunnies watering contraption. 
Maria and I walked to the hen house. When she was unlocking the chain to the door I could hear the chickens gathering at the entrance. Through the cracks of the splintered wood I could see their small, piercing eyes. The kind of eyes that seek to destroy your world... slowly. The lock had been freed and the chain laid slack. We opened the wooden door. The chickens were scattered all around. Top to bottom. Up on the barrel, at eye level. On various beams, at eye level. We took two steps in and the crowd moved. They clucked... and waited. We took two more steps. The growing heard moved again... and clucked... and waited. Maybe they knew the horrendous things I did to chickens on "Link to the Past" (A Super Nintendo gem). Maybe they hadn't eaten in so long they assumed I was their next meal. Maybe they had planned to form into a giant ball and attack like on "Critters Two". The air was thick. Frozen. We stood at a stale mate. You could feel the dust settling. Then, as if in slow motion, Maria reached into the bucket and grabbed a giant zucchini half. She held it up and dropped it. When the seeded tube veggie hit the ground their eyes left me and found their next prey. The feathered mass scrambled past my legs and pecked the flesh and entrails of the newly slaughtered zucchini. I exhaled what was thought to be my last breath and smiled. 
Maria also threw some veggie skins into their feed bucket and checked on their water. She then took me upstairs to check on the hens and bunnies. We fed the leftover vegetable peels and ends to the bunnies and hens. Whilst the animals were distracted with their food, Maria showed me my next project. She informed me the bunnies were knocking over their watering contraption and It was up to me to create something to hold that sh*t together. I was given some wire, a match, a number four birthday candle, a kazoo, three arcade tokens from Straw Hat Pizza, wire cutters, chewing gum, and a copy of the "Purple Tape"*. I fastened the base using the wire and created a good old fashioned "hold-n-place" - wire through the fence, loop to hold, go around bottle, loop to hold on other side, leave room to take out bottle, but still hold in place. Success!!!! I also had managed to secure the base. I felt like an engineering genius. This is how my made-for-tv, Lifetime biography movie is going to start. Not too much later we were called to dinner.
We had an early dinner so that we would be able to join the festivities of the Graus fiesta. For dinner I got to eat some more sheep stock. After dinner we all showered. In the shower noticed that I was gaining new sheep superpowers. My chest hair was now growing in like wool. I'm  going to harvest it so Shana can make a beanie/scarf/pet toy.
The fiesta festivities began on the old bridge. We passed the porrón around (see photo: I want that) and grabbed passing sweet bread. There were bag pipers and people in old Graus garb firing blank musket shots into the air. We drank and ate and drank some more before moving into the plaza for more festivities.  
We arrived to the plaza and there were kids running around wearing big paper mâché heads they created, lighting and throwing firecrackers on the ground, and smacking people with brooms. It was madness. Maria explained this was just rehearsal and that the children were just imitating the grown ups, because later in the festivities adults wear the large heads and cause a lot of trouble. They steal babies from parents making them cry (while the parents laugh), they blow up watermelons with big fireworks, lift up girls' skirts, and create all sorts of ruckus. Once we got our fill we headed to Jesse's friend's Rosa and Andreas' for drinks and snacks (aka dinner number two).
Andreas was a very talented stone worker. He told us to check out the downstairs bar he redid. Rosa and Andreas first asked if we had eaten. We said we had eaten an early dinner. They said then we must be hungry so they insisted on making us a snack. They made tasty food in milliseconds. After finishing dinner number two we headed downstairs to the bar. 
Jesse had explained that this is were he used to do some of his english lessons. Andreas used to just play old rock and metal. Andreas then put on some Judas Priest. Andreas was a bad ass. Jesse said Andreas was also an excellent stone and rock mason and redid the whole downstairs. We all (Jesse, Andreas, Viki, Shana, and I) drank wine and listened to metal. A couple minutes later another friend showed up. This dude was a member of the Long Hairs, Spain Branch. He was introduced as Felix and Shana immediately started braiding his hair. He didn't seem to care (First rule about Long Hairs is "Dont Care". Second rule is not to talk about fight club). Some time had passed and the band was getting ready to start so we finished our drinks and headed back to the plaza. 
The band hadn't started. We noticed that for a small rock band from Graus they had some pretty heavy duty equipment and crazy lighting. The lights lowered and the band started. They were a cover band and played all the old classics, but with a twist. The lead singer sang the songs like you would in your car. There were some verses that sounded right, but the lyrics were off (see photo: there's a braidy that's shore, all that glitters is coal). They weren't half bad and they knew how to put on a decent show. They continued to rock until Maria had come back from her play rehearsal. She informed us she was going home (it was two am) and we could stay with Jesse until the fiesta ended (somewhere around five am) or we could go home with her. We all (Shana, Viki, and I) opted to sleep. We said our goodbyes to our new friends and we were off to sleep the rest of the night away. If I haven't mentioned this yet, this place is bad ass and absolutely amazing. Both the people and the home.

*Some of these items may/may not have been given to me at that particular moment.

pre felting


of course a cat came to hang out with me while I did fiber art

perfect timing

"I want that."

the puppet hanging represents a fruit stealer being punished. and basil bundles.

Andreas and Rosa



Felix prentending that getting his hair braided doesn't hurt


"there's a braidy that's shore, all that glitters is coal"


  1. The closeup on Felix and the captions made me cry too, but from laughter, not searing scalp pain. I love the scenery and buildings you've been posting, prit-tay good. More art updates, por favor. Bueno?

  2. Shana, sorry, but I thought your chunk of felting was a chicken carcass that had ingested some rocks! Really! Your almost finished art project looks awesome! I love it. Felix should have been warned about Shana's braiding reputation. She takes no prisoners....... "Javier", I cracked up at the hen house feeding frenzy! Yes, they can be scary. Glad you made it out safely. Whew! Great fun to read. It all sounds so surreal. P.S. Don't steal any fruit!

  3. Jerrad! So glad to finally know how on earth you spell your name! And delighted about this lovely post, everyhting we did that day sounds epic and I hope you don´t mind me sharing with the whole English speaking world around me. So glad to have had you in Casa Luisa, and really looking forward to having you again anytime y´all are back in Europe. Give a big old fat hug to each other!

  4. Rock on, wayward soldiers.