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baby Roger is the best

Day 73 - Hostel III: No one dies, No boobs, and free breakfast - 9/19
by Jerrad

Ah the hostel life. We woke up semi early to enjoy the free breakfast they had provided: yogurt, apples, cereal, muffins, cheese, bread, and coffee. It wasn't too bad. After breakfast we headed back up to the room to get all of our things and check into another room (we hadn't planned on arriving a day early, but couldn't pass on a free ride). We put our bags in the luggage room and we were off to see our friend Roger!
If you're new to the blog, we met Roger back on the Veenhuizen farm. He is an exceptional human being and a kick ass friend. We planned to meet him about a kilometer from our hostel at Plaza Catalunya. We then walked to a coffee spot and played catch up. We learned most of the the volunteer farmhands the came after us left the farm in a hurry. One girl even left without telling anyone. The coffee had run dry and we were off to do some sightseeing.
Roger took us on a short walking tour of Barcelona. We managed to visit three Gaudi buildings on our walk (see photo: Dr. Suess buildings in real life). We saw the ridiculously long line for each site and found out that each building costs anywhere from sixteen to twenty five euros to enter. Shana and I decided we'd visit one, but had to do our research to figure out which building was the best (probably the Parc Güell). While we were sightseeing we needed to pick up another SIM card for Shana because hers had run out of minutes and data. If you're traveling, buy an international SIM card. It only cost Shana sixteen dollars for two months of phone service.
We saw a lot of wacky buildings and needed some beers to see straight. We ducked into a tapas joint to recharge our bellies. During our recharging session we made plans to visit Roger's home town, Terrassa, and hang with him for a couple of days. The patatas brava (like home style fries) tapa dish was clean and collecting dust so we decided to walk around a bit more. 
Roger left for his classes. We said goodbye and walked back to our hostel. It was finally check in time at Hostel Kabul. We were given our magnetic keys and headed all the way up to the top floor where we shared a room with sixteen other individuals. We packed our important belongings into our lockers and got our dirty clothes ready to wash. 
As I was unloading our dirty clothes pile onto our beds one of our new roommates came by to grab something from his bed when he noticed my sweet ass chargers hat. He asked if I was a fan. I said "One of the few." We did what any Chargers fans would do and reminisced of the good ol' days. He told me his name was Andrew and he grew up San Diego and went to La Jolla High. We talked for little bit and then headed downstairs for two for one drinks. The bartender must have been crawling around in my brain because old Wu-Tang (Ironman and Only Built for Cuban Linx) was blasting through the speakers making everyone's ears bleed from awesomeness. 
When the killa bee swarm ended it was time for dinner. Our hostel provided free meals to its residents. They were serving bacon pasta. HOORAY FOR ME... sorry Shana. The wifey's only option was bread, so bread on toasts sandwiches were her main course. As we were eating, Andrew from San Diego came down to join us. Another chap from Australia joined us as well. We must have been putting out those vibes because another Australian joined our table. We didn't catch her name, but we knew she was from Sydney and that she was a floozy. Within 10 minutes of meeting us she bragged about sleeping with guy from a trashy tv show (Gossip Girl)... twice. Happy hour began and we grabbed some two for one beers. This night the DJ saved my life. They kept playing classic gems after classic gems. Over the loud speaker the DJ said "The first person that tells me who sings the next song gets a free beer". the beat dropped and DJ Premiere was cuttin' the wax and Guru grabbed the mic. I hopped up and ran to the DJ to claim my free beer. I pushed over a man helping up an old lady, I hurdled a box of kittens about to fall into a fire and kicked an hurled a toddler into a hornets nest for trying to slow me down*. I showed up to the bar and asked if anyone had claimed the free beer. He said "Not yet". I thanked him for playing Gangstar. He smiled and said "I'm glad someone knows good music when they hear it." He poured me my frothy, frosty prize and I went back to the table to take sips off my championship cup. 
Championship beer makes you sleepy. We wished our new friends and the floozy a good night and we went up to the heat cave that is the fifth floor to try and get some shut eye.
When you're packed into a room that holds eighteen people the room gets quite hot. Once you break through the heat storm and start to fall asleep, one of your new roommates comes bursting through the door at 2:30am and turns on what seems like a flash bomb, but it's just the lights. Your new roommate drunkenly stumbles around looking for something in the room and realizes its in their pocket. They laugh loudly and tell all the people who are trying to sleep and give zero fucks that they found what they were looking for. Just as you start to fall asleep another roommate comes in with their friend and flash bomb the darkness out of the room. These new roommates were kind enough to bring food for no one but themselves. Thank you VERY little new roommates. Eating in the room must make the food taste better and the conversation more interesting, because theres a very nice common room with music, pool tables, tables, foozeball, and seating. Their drunken bantering ceased after a bit and they left/passed out. People came and went until roughly 5:30am. Having eighteen roommates is a bummer. Next time we need to drink enough to pass out, not just to go to sleep.

Day 74, And this is for Terrassa - 9/20
by Jerrad

I'm not sure if you count what we did as sleeping the previous night. It was more like incubating in twelve minute intervals while being woken up by drunken travelers. Most of them came in quietly and passed out on their beds without disturbing anyone like a regular human being with a shred of decency. The others (as mentioned in a previous post) will hopefully get explosive lava-rhea (painful diarrhea that feels like you're pooping hot lava) for a couple of days to teach them a lesson. Shana and I packed all of our belongings and headed downstairs for free breakfast. 
Post breakfast we put our backpack faces on and headed to Plaza Catalunya to catch a train to our friend's home town, Terrassa (which has some pretty cool history. Read up:
We met Roger outside of the train station in Terrassa. We said our "What's Up's?" and headed to his apartment to unload our giant  backpacks. His apartment was amazing. It was very minimalist and classy. We hung out for a bit and just enjoyed sitting down and taking a breather. That didn't last too long because we were all pretty hungry. Roger said he knew a spot with cheap tapas, but first he wanted to show us some cool spots in Terrassa. 
We walked to a really interesting building called Masia Freixa (see photo: interesting building in Terrassa). The lady at the front desk was very helpful and went out of her way to find information and pamphlets in english. The architecture was awesome. High arched doorways, and doors to match. Roger lead us to a big room and said he used to go there in primary school for plays and such before they turned it into the office of tourism for Terrassa. After admiring the sights he took us to the city center and he showed us his go-to hang out spot, El Café Dolç. 
It was food time and if it was food time it was also beer time. We ordered some patatas bravas (home fries with a garlic all i oli/spicy ketchup sauce) and pa amb tomàquet (bread with fresh garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes crushed/rubbed on the bread). Roger said that was the spot where he usually met his homies for a beer or two before they go to Fight Club (rule number one about Terrassa Fight Club is you could tell your friends about it as long as their beard was mighty enough*). We had to finish up our lunch because Roger's mom wanted to meet his new american friends. We ate our patatas muey rapido and walked back to the apartment. 
We met Roger's mom, Maita, at the apartment. She didn't speak any english which is fine because we didn't speak any Catalan or Spanish. Even though there was a language barrier Maita was very, very sweet and we could tell that she was an awesome lady. Shana described her as a "Super Babe" (see photo: super babe). I will not say anything on the subject... but if you were to ask me I would just smile and nod. We said our goodbyes to Maita and thanked her for raising a Real Mutha F***ing G of a son**. Our brunch tapas were wearing off so Roger took us to his favorite (cheapest) tapas spot that wasn't within walking distance. 
A short drive later we arrived at Bar Maillo. The tapas were cheaper there. It was just one euro for a beer, and one euro for a tapa. They also had a bigger selection and had heftier portions. We could see why this spot was Roger's favorite. We started out with the patatas bravas for Shana and Roger and I got some carne en salsa (beef in some real good sauce). As we were dining some of Roger's friends (and their parents) came in to enjoy the best cheap tapas around. We finished off the tapa rampage with a tortilla de patata (like an omelette with onions and potatoes). We needed to chill harder than the tapas bar would allow so we headed back to the apartment for some harder chilling.
Roger had one more stop to show us before going back to the apartment. We stopped by his dad's apartment to meet the one and only Fly (his dog). We got to meet Fly the Third (they name all of their dogs Fly). Fly was a slightly overweight golden retriever with a heart of gold (see photo: larger than your normal house fly). We played with Fly for a bit and got to see his own personal couch and bed. We said goodbye to Fly the Third and headed back to the apartment.
We arrived at the apartment and started hanging out. Roger asked what "hanging out" meant. We described the meaning of hanging out and had him take notes for the test at the end of the lesson***. Shana had reached her maximum allotted time for chilling and went into nap mode. I went into shower and laundry mode.
Once we were all cleaned up and napped out we headed to the grocery store for some supplies. We picked up some dinner supplies and some cookie supplies for a BBQ we would go to the next day. We got back to the apartment, Roger gathered our supplies, made some risotto, and made the same tomato bread we had earlier. We ate until we were catatonic. Our coma state left us in no position to move so we sat around the table and chatted until our legs could be used again. Roger's legs were the first to start working again and said he had to go out and get something we forgot at the store. Fifteen minutes had passed and Roger came back with ICE CREAM!!!!! There's always room for ice cream. We all flatlined at some point after the ice cream. We had to go out one last time to check out Shopping Night in Terrassa. 
Shopping Night happens once a year and it's where all the stores in the city center stay open until midnight and they have bands, dancing, and performances throughout the city center. We ended up running into Roger's dad in passing. We kept the conversation short as we would be seeing him the following day at a BBQ. Midnight had crept on us and Shopping Night was brought to an end. Roger had a plan and that plan involved going to his favorite bar. We walked a ways to Amics de les Arts to have a drink or two.
The bar was really cool and decorated hat to shoe with art of all sorts. We rifled through the crowd and grabbed a seat to admire the art and people watch. Roger said he's been going there for years and knew the bartenders and servers. They used to kick him out but now they kick it with him. After our drink Roger informed us of one more stop we'd be making before heading back to the apartment. As we were leaving the bar the bartender gave Roger and us a free shot of some sort of jager-esque liquor. We thanked him for the shot and we were off.
The next stop was a discoteca called Fahrenheit 451 to see his friend. We walked in to the nearly empty club and headed to the bar. Roger's friend was working the bar and was very excited to see him. She ran up and gave him a hug. If you were to ask me if she was attractive I would not say anything on the subject... but I would smile and nod. She brought out shot glasses and poured us all some night caps. Roger and his friend chatted while Shana and I people watched. There was a small group of people...dancing? The lack of rhythm really threw me off. We looked to the corner of the dance floor and there was a dude just dancing by himself having a grand ol' time. Good job lone dancing dude. We said our thank yous and goodbyes to Roger's friend and headed back to the apartment to sleep in a room that was not inhabited by sixteen others.

*Dont ask about Terassa Fight Club unless your beard is mighty enough. 
**Not those exact words, but the same meaning
***There was no test. It was a non-pop quiz and pink and white afro was the correct answer.

Gaudy Gaudi (see what I did  there?)

Dr. Suess buildings in real life

Masia Freixa

neat architecture and beautiful door to a bar

super babe (obviously an old picture, but she didn't look much different)

Roger's ridiculous keychain that weighs 4 pounds

larger than your normal house fly - The bottom bunk and whole couch are specifically just for him

el barfo

shopping night

a store named Shana!

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