Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Wine & Food... How Weird...

Day 54, Fun Times - 8/31
by Shana

We started our day with the breakfast of champions; fried eggs and a large cookie. Nadia left for work so Jerrad and I ventured out to explore the town some more. We wanted to find Nadia a nice gift because she's the best, and luckily we came across a shop that sold some neat things. We found a tiny white vase made by a French artist that we thought would look great on her tiny vase table.
Next up was Viva Las Vegans, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. I wanted to check out the place since we first got to Bordeaux, but they were closed until August 31st. We decided to try a few things off the menu and were pretty happy with our choices. We got the plate of day which was a mixture of couscous, curry tofu, olives and lentils. We also got a veggie hotdog and a veggie "ham" sandwich. We liked the sandwich best, especially since it was less than 4 euro.
Then we met up Nadia at her work and we all walked together to a fantastic wine bar called Bar à Vin. This place basically exists to share knowledge of Bordeaux wines, not to make tons of money. Nadia taught us how to look at, smell, and taste wine like a pro. Even though I know how to properly taste wine now, I have a feeling if I do it again in public I'll look like a total dick. The inside of Bar à Vin was really beautiful with its stained glass windows and pretty furniture. Another great part of the wine bar was that when we got our bill, it was less than 20 euro for 6 glasses of wine. Shazam. A beautiful, delicious and cheap wine bar in Bordeaux.
Next on our list was dinner at Elio's, a Sardinian restaurant. Nadia's friend Annaïk met up with us for our feast. We all shared basil-orange ravioli, honey walnut goat cheese ravioli, spinach salad, vegetables, fresh bread and delicious ice-cream (which is Nadia's favorite ice-cream in the whole world). The ice-cream was somehow fluffy, creamy and thick all at the same time. It was magical ice-cream.
Then it was time for drinks at Don Camillo, a mom and pop restaurant turned hip cocktail bar. Apparently the son of said mom and pop began making cocktails for the restaurant one day and it really took off. Now the place offers just about any cocktail out there and then some. The menu was huge but we finally made our choices. Nadia got a cucumber-tini, I got a dry martini, Jerrad and Annaïk got zombies (a tropical concoction) and Bertrand got an old fashioned (or as the menu called it "the Don Draper from Mad Men drink"). After our cocktails we headed to Wunderbar to finish our night. It was a hip, crowded bar with some not so great DJs (playing music on laptops with no transitions between songs kind of DJs), but I could tell it would be fun to go to if all of your friends went there (which was the case for Annaïk). We made a tiny circle and the five of us danced at each other for a little bit. Then Bertrand bought me and Jerrad a shot called "Russian cocaine" which was a shot of vodka that came with a slice of lemon covered in instant coffee and Pop Rocks. If you're thinking "wtf", you thought right. It was weird. But it was very nice of Bertrand nonetheless. After dancing a little more we got tired and called it a night. It was a fun filled day.

Day 55, Sunday = Bordeaux is closing -  9/1
by Shana
We began September by meeting up with Annaïk to check out the flea market again. On Sundays the farmer's market is a bit better because there are more vendors and antiques. There were so many wonderful 60's, 70's and 80's home goods that I wanted to buy. I was sad for a moment that I was backpacking in Europe and not actually living in Bordeaux because I had no use for all of the pretty things there. I considered buying a vintage juicer and keeping it in my backpack for a second, but then came to my senses and moved on. After antiquing we grabbed some coffee and orange juice for fuel.
We then met up with some of Annaïk's friends - Oscar, who plays in Zero Branco, and Arnaud. We wanted to check out the opera house because it was a free entrance day (every first Sunday of the month is) and there were some Alice in Wonderland things on display. I'm glad it was free because it was kind of "meh". There were some neat displays (see photo Biggie Smalls) but it wouldn't have been worth the 5 euro that it normally costs.
We worked up an appetite and our new friends had a few places in mind where we could eat. Unfortunately all of the places were closed/closing because Sunday afternoon in Bordeaux is kind of dead. Even the grocery store is closed on Sunday. We walked around a bit looking for an open restaurant and luckily our beloved Pitaya was still open. We wanted to try the curry this time, but they were out so we played it safe and each ordered the sie yai. After our noodle party we said goodbye to our new friends and I napped for a bit because a) I was extra tired and felt a cold coming on/allergies and b) I love nap.
Nadia got home and I thought it was going to be the end of napping, but Nadia wanted to get in on Napapalooza so I got to sleep some more. When I finally woke up it was dinner time. Nadia brought home leftovers from her work's Sunday brunch, added some ingredients & magic to them and voilá, dinner was ready. I knew I wasn't feeling 100% because I didn't have seconds, even though it was tasty. After dinner I wanted to make some more cookies to bring to Nadia's friend's house the next day (foreshadow) but I failed. The cookies were still edible and yummy, but they were flat, crispy and sad looking. I did a very bad job of converting cups to grams and estimating teaspoons/tablespoons. Oops. The cookie dough was still delicious so instead of turing it into cookies, I fed it to Nadia and Jerrad while pretending to be Dobby. We called it an early night since we would have to wake up early in the morning and went to bed.

Viva Las Vegans

Nadia knows how to fake cry

Annaïk's fancy napkin-ing and her "I WANT ICE-CREAM NOW" face

Jerrad and Annaïk's "Zombie" cocktail, which was SUPPOSED to come in tiki cup

coffee with Annaïk 

the Opera house and pretty Bordeaux sky

the Alice in Wonderland exhibit

super cool room that shrunk you


  1. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, isn't that where you are now? Next stop: down the rabbit hole to Spain. Nadia is beautiful and her friends are too. Yes, Shana and Jerrad, you are as well.

  2. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, isn't that where you are now? Next stop: down the rabbit hole to Spain. Nadia is beautiful and her friends are too. Yes, Shana and Jerrad, you are as well.