Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meet the Parents

bless thy cookie dough, oh magical Baby Unicorn

Day 52, Off brand Bacon Pringles. Probably another failed tenis ball Co. - 8/29
by Jerrad

Hello sleep. Oh, what's that? Yea, we went out last night. Yep, plenty of drinks. Water? No, he wasn't invited. What's that? You have to go, but your friend hangover is going to chill with us? You say he's the worst and he's harder to shake than the bee swarm on 720? (google it) Damn it. The previous night had come back to slap us around a little bit the next morning. We lazily got ready for the day. We woke up early enough to have ample time to do nothing. Which is one of our favorite things to do. After awhile of nothingness we decided to make something of the day and we headed off to Jardin Bastide Botanique gardens. 
The gardens were a twenty minute walk from the flat. We had yet to eat second lunch and decided to get a snack so that we had ample energy for flower looking at and such. We had found a Carrefour (common market in France) and looked around inside for snack'ums. Shana had found delicious blue cheese balls (insert go-nad/testicale joke here) and I had found BACON PRINGLES!!!! They weren't Pringles brand, but were the same tennis-ball-canister-style chip. It was even cheaper to buy two canisters. What a find.
The gardens were very nice, but we had spent too much of our sweet time doing nothing in the morning and found out they were closing in 15 minutes. We got in as much garden looking as we could in the allotted time and we gladly walked back to the flat to get ready for dinner.
Nadia came home from work and reminded us that we had reservations at an Indian food joint. We all changed, put on some fragrance to mask our do-nothing-all-day smell, and we were off. 
The restaurant was very close. Close enough that you could get there solely by doing somersaults and not even throw u... BBAAARRRRFFFFF!!!!!!! After I walked back to the flat to shower and change we were ready to go again* We got to the restaurant and Nadia's friend Etienne was there waiting to feast with us. We all walked up to the door and... it was locked. Nadia had made reservations earlier and there was no signage on the door saying the place was closed. We knocked as Nadia was calling the restaurant to figure out what the deal was. Five minutes had passed by and finally a man came to the front, unlocked the door and said sorry. We walked in and took our seats. The waitress was a very nice, older hippie lady. She was quite friendly and took our order.
We decided to get the "one of everything you got" sampler platter extraordinaire. The lady was very happy to take our order. Thirty minutes later our water and drinks came out. The lady was quite pleasant, but she would always walk back to the kitchen empty handed. Another forty five minutes had passed and our dinner had finally arrived. There were: potatoes, chicken, salmon, spinach, rice, bread, sauces, and a bunch of other excellent Indian delights. We took to the food like zombies to brains. Not the slow 1950's zombies, but the newer "28 Days Later" sprinting zombies eating everything in our path. The smoke had cleared and we may or may not have accidentally eaten a child sitting very close to us in our frenzy. Our lawyer said we cannot comment any further and that we're waiting for the lab results to come back.
Our dessert had come thirty minutes after we had finished and stacked our plates. Once again, the lady was very very nice, but the lack of organization and wasted trips back to the kitchen with nothing in her hands added several minutes to every task she did. We said goodbye to Etienne and made our way back to the flat to take an eight hour nap.
*I did not somersault to the restaurant, nor did I throw up all over myself from attempting to somersault to the restaurant. I am certain though that you could somersault to the restaurant, from the flat, without barfing... that much... maybe...  

Day 53, Dinner at the parent's house; it's getting serious - 8/30
by Shana

Our day started with some more window shopping and winding in and out of streets in the neighborhood. Our mission for the day was to get a burrito at Arbol which would be our first burrito since Arizona. We heard good things and read good reviews so we were excited, but didn't get our hopes too high. We got to the little place and it was designed like Chipotle, with a few pre-picked options. We opted for the pre-picked options (veggie for me and pig carcass for Jerrad). I'm glad we didn't get our hopes up because the burritos were pretty bland. The ingredients were fresh, but I think they forgot to use that thing called "flavor". A little bit of seasonings, lime juice, cilantro, herbs, etc. would have gone a long way. At least the burritos were cheap and filling.
After our disappointing meal we headed to the market to pick up some baking supplies (I promised Nadia I would make some chocolate chip cookies). Finding baking supplies in the Carrefour was like going on a treasure hunt. But this treasure hunt was for flour, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs and butter. For some reason every ingredient was in a different aisle. The grocery store even decided to play a game of "hide the butter section".
After collecting all of our ingredients, we headed home and I made some delicious giant magical cookies. Nadia came home just in time for some warm cookies, but we resisted the urge to shove them down our throats and saved them for after dinner, which would be at Nadia's parent's home. We packed our bags with dinner materials and headed out.
We hopped on a bus and arrived at her parent's house just outside of Bordeaux. We were promised some ping-pong playing and were not disappointed. Her parents had set up their table just for us. Nadia started cooking and sent Jerrad and I outside to play. Jerrad and I smashed the ping-pong ball back and forth for a bit. Then Jerrad played with Nadia's dad who was a worthy opponent. I think her dad was better than Jerrad, but don't tell Jerrad I said that.
After ping-ponging we sat at the beautiful outside dinner table and snacked on some appetizers; hummus spread on little pancake things, olives, stuffed peppers, salad and bread. Next up was course number two; basil gnocchi with brown butter, crispy sage and lemon zest. OH MAN, YUM. Then basil tagliatelle noodles with gorgonzola b├ęchamel, fresh basil and marinated zucchinis. SUPER YUM. Throughout dinner we were served delicious, legit bottles of wine. Our final course consisted of giant cookies, tea/coffee and more wine. Nadia offered me some herbal tea, but my ears don't always work so I heard "elbow" tea. So, of course all tea is elbow tea now.
Post dinner we hung out in the living room looking at childhood photo albums. We saw pictures of cute baby Nadia in France, cute pre-teen Nadia in America and cute teenage Nadia in Iceland. After family photo time her dad drove us back to the flat and we went to sleep.

delicious indian food

good job, Baby Unicorn

What's the Jerrad? You eat the wax/crust of cheese? FINE, THEN THAT'S ALL YOU GET. And then some wine, too.

oh hey there

snuck in some sneaky parent pictures

fancy wine

herbal elbow tea... :/

stand-in wife

who sneaks in smells of Jerrad's hair like the girl on the bus (true story)

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  1. Alright! Enough. Sight seeing, Indian food, botanical gardens, more sight seeing, meet the parents night w/more food(AND homemade cookies and Elbow tea no less!). What else...what else....? You're killing me....