Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lazy Sunday in Terrassa

Day 76 - "ROOOOGGGGEERRRR" -Sister, Sister - 9/22
by Shana

Jerrad and I awoke after another lovely night's sleep in Roger's home. Roger had yet to wake up so I thought it would be nice to surprise him with breakfast. We had plans to eat lunch at his father's at 2pm, so I made sure not to make breakfast too large. I fried up some eggs, sliced a tomato, and toasted some bread. The breakfast sandwiches were complete! Roger woke up to see my breakfast creation and said there would be no way we would still be hungry for lunch later. I assured him we most definitely would be. I didn't even add cheese or meat to the sandwiches, so we'd be fine. Jerrad and I chomped down our sandwiches and started getting ready for the day. Roger took a little bit longer to finish his. He explained he never ate eggs for breakfast, and couldn't believe americans ate them all the time. He said he preferred orange juice and coffee, but wanted to try out the good ol' breakfast sandwich thing. Jerrad and I should probably start eating breakfast like he does (orange juice and coffee) so that our clothes stop shrinking.
After Roger finished his sandwich like a champ we headed out to wander around Terrassa. Roger wanted to show us an old factory because it had really pretty ceilings. We got to the building and we noticed it was a museum. A TEXTILE MUSEUM!!! I begged Roger to go inside to see the exhibits and he agreed. I was extra giddy and ready to see some motherf*ckin' fibers. We all walked in and Roger spoke to the receptionist about getting tickets. We found out that the museum was free for students... which is exactly the reason Jerrad and I packed our "valid" student ID's. SCORE. I hope those ID's work until we're 65.
We walked into the museum and realized it wasn't just a textile museum. There was some sciency stuff too. We started in a room with hands on machines (the children's room) and Jerrad was super stoked. After he got his fill, I was ready to find the yarn stuff. We walked upstairs and saw the beautiful ceiling Roger was talking about. We also saw the tail-end/exit of the fiber exhibit, so we decided to check out other stuff until we could find the entrance to it. We saw some old motorcycles, cars, and planes. It was pretty cool but I WANTED YARN. YARN YARN YARN. We walked around a bit more looking at space stuff and other things that weren't textiles. Unfortunately Roger said he had a bad headache and was going to wait outside for us. I gave him an Advil and hoped that would help him. We decided to check out the fibers and then head out. We went back to the beginning of the museum but we still couldn't find the entrance to the exhibit, so we decided to go through it backwards. It ended with the production of clothing and started with shaving sheep. It was really cool to see old looms, spinning machines, carding machines, roving machines and videos of sheep being shaved.
After museuming Roger still wasn't feeling so hot. I told him that sometimes when I have a headache I drink some caffeine and it helps. We walked back to El Café Dolç where Roger ordered a Coke and Jerrad and I ordered iced coffees. Jerrad and I weren't in the mood for black coffee, so we asked Roger if he could order us some cream or milk for our coffee. First Roger looked at us weird then when he translated to the server, she looked at us weird. Roger was confused and asked us again what we wanted. We explained we wanted ice coffee, but with some cream or milk in it. After about two minutes of explaining to the server what we wanted, he told us she was going to bring out two cups of ice, two espressos and a glass of milk. We didn't mind, and we thought it was extra nice for all the trouble they went through. They didn't even charge us extra. We figured it would be like if Roger ordered "patatas bravas" in America; "I would like potatoes, with spicy ketchup and garlic all i oli on top, please." Except the difference is that in America you would either get charged for each individual ingredient, or the server would tell you "Nope."
During drink time Roger started to feel worse. The caffeine didn't do the trick. And now he was nauseous. Roger figured out why he was feeling crumby... my breakfast. He said he would never again eat eggs for breakfast and cursed me. But he didn't actually curse me out loud. I just assumed he was cursing me in his mind. I felt super bad for breaking Roger.
We walked back to his place and got ready to go to lunch at his father's. I got in mom-mode and prepared a little barfy bag for him (two grocery bags rolled up like a basket). It was the least I could do for poisoning...I mean feeding him. We hopped in his car and drove to his dad's.
We were greeted by Fly with a tennis ball in his mouth. We headed out back on the patio and hung out for bit. Roger excused himself for a minute and came back feeling much better. He got rid of the poison breakfast and was feeling so much better he poured himself a shandy. Guilt trip = gone! Roger's awesome dad got home and started putting food out on the table. There was meat pasta, veggie pasta, tomato bread, dried sausauge, cheese, a porrón filled with red wine, and any other drinks we wanted. Toni even went into his liquor cabinet and opened a tiny bottle of whiskey just for Jerrad. It was the cutest little bottle of whiskey ever. After pasta, Toni brought out a plate of meats from different animals. Jerrad sampled them all. There was a beef patty, some ham, and some sausage. Instead of meat for my after dinner treat, I drank some yummy champagne. And maybe some chocolate cookies. Toni even looked around his house for something he could gift us with. He gave a little Catalonia button that we shall cherish forever. It was the fanciest, meatiest, giftiest lunch ever. Toni said we were welcome back whenever we wanted and that there would be a room waiting for us. We said farewell to him as he had to leave for a soccer game. We thanked him for everything and told him we hoped we would cross paths again one day.
After lunchathon 2000 we met Roger's friend, Uri (the same friend we ran into at Bar Mailla). We arrived at a house that was referred to as a "Local" (Local d'Infants chapter). They explained that their Local was shared by 12 friends. The house originally belonged to one of the friend's families but had become a bit run down. The 12 friends repaired the home with their own hands and it has since become their group hang out. Sometimes just a few of them hang out there while other times there are parties with about 40 people. They even have a president and treasurer. It was like a grownup treehouse gang. Apparently Locals are common in Spain and even Roger's dad has a Local. We hung out at the Local for a while watching TV and a few other friends came by. One of the friends even brought over their pet bunny, which was obviously super cute. After a few hours we said our farewells and headed back to Roger's home.
Roger got busy in the kitchen and made about 35 pounds of food, mostly out of the leftovers from the weekend. I think his intent was to get even with me because he said we had to finish it all. He said it was tradition on Sundays to finish up all the leftovers from the week so that nothing went to waste. We tried to eat a lot but the weekend fat-fest had caught up with us. For the first time in Europe the food defeated us. After cleaning up dinner we hung out for as long as we could keep our eyes open. Eventually we said our final goodnight to Terrassa and Roger, and retired to our lovely non-hostel room.

the poison breakfast

raise the roof

our ice coffe con leche

cutest whiskey bottle ever and classy goblet of champagne


Willy Wonka and his bunny

Just what I always wanted. My own little bunny rabbit. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...

farewell dinner and the best mug in the world


  1. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!No More Spain with Mr. Roger and Friends and Family and Neighborhood and Parties and Food. Life will be forever changed having met them.

    1. We're trying to convince Roger to come visit us in the states. We'll see!

  2. I LOVE the idea of a Local. It's like, pure genius. Also sort of sounds like the black carl house. When you get back to AZ you should make one, start the US trend :) (i would do it here but it would cost like 100 thousand million dollars.)

    also since i think this is my first comment on here just thought I should mention that yes, i have been stalking your whole trip, and yes I am jealous...and taking notes :)

    xoxo katie

    1. Isn't a Local an AMAZING thing?? I want to start one for sure. Thanks for following along on our trip, Katie! <3