Friday, September 27, 2013


Day 75: Summertiiiime, in the ESP. - 9/21
by Jerrad

Ah sleep. There you are old friend. Shana and I woke up to an empty apartment. Roger had gotten up real early and went with his friend and his friend's dad to a spot in the woods where they hiked for a couple of hours to climb through a small hole in the mountain to end up in Narnia.* Shana took advantage of the empty kitchen and made cookies. She couldn't find any measuring cups or utensils so she grabbed a mug that looked about eight ounces and some spoons. Every ingredient had to be estimated and eyeballed. Shana was a little nervous that her cookies wouldn't come out the way she wanted them too. Turns out Shana is a cookie mastermind and they were good enough to kill someone over. She made enough of these delicious buttered golden sugar laced chocolate chunk mouth saucers to feed a small army. 
The cookies were put aside to rest so their muscles would be tender for the BBQ. Shana and I watched some music videos on MTV (for real, they still have those) for a short while until Roger came back from his journey. 
Roger showed up not too much later and showed us some pictures of his morning adventure and we all got ready for the BBQ. The event was being held at Toni's (Roger's dad) girlfriend's house in Matadepera. We all hopped into the car and we were off.
We arrived in Matadepera. Toni's girlfriend's house was really cool. It was an old house built in a style that is only found in Catalunya. It had high arched ceilings. There was even a garden in the back. The best thing about the garden was that we didn't have to do any harvesting of it. Toni found out that Shana was suffering from vegetarianism and was kind enough to buy every vegetable known to man to grill so she'd have something to eat. Roger and his family are really awesome and amazing people whose kindness runs to their core. Some of Toni's friends spoke english and most understood english. Whew. We laughed and joked and had a great time hanging out with Toni and his friends. They said I looked like Brad Pitt and Shana looked like Naomi Watts. These were now our new favorite people and best friends for life. Not too much later food was being served.
The miraculous BBQ consisted of: chicken, mountains of sausage, blood sausage, pa amb tomàquet (only this time we cut the garlic and tomato, rubbed it on the the bread and drizzled on olive oil ourselves), marinated onions to go on the bread, wine, beer, and all the vegetables native to Spain. There were even grilled mushrooms that tasted like meat. HUZZAH!!! Roger kept passing me more meat to eat and I couldn't refuse. It's funny, all of my clothes seem to be shrinking. Shana is no longer allowed to do laundry. After dinner we dined on cheese with jam and after that was the cookie course. Everyone raved about Shana's cookies. It brought everyone to the yard (the back yard) and they're like "Molt Be" (aka they're better than yours). 
People started to enjoy their after dinner gin and tonics. Toni was kind enough to by a small bottle of whiskey because he knew Shana and I were fans of the varnish. A couple of drinks later (for everyone else, we babysat our one drink because we didn't want to pass out before the sun went down) one of Toni's friends started getting real. She said to me "You're beautiful, but your beard makes you ugly." I laughed. She was serious. She asked if she could cut it. I said "Nope". She insisted on cutting it. She kept saying how much better looking I was without it (we had shown her a picture). She disappeared for a couple of minutes and reappeared with some scissors in hand. She was adamant on removing my face hair. I quickly got up out of my chair and said no thank you. I wanted to say "Stop playin'. You think this is a game?" We managed to get the scissors from her and hide them for the moment. The smoke had cleared and everyone went back to drinking and forgot about Mission: BEARD OFF! We sat and chatted with Toni for awhile until some music started playing and people began dancing. Shana hadn't had enough drinks to dance so I went in solo. After a bit of dancing my spidey senses were tingling. I looked over and noticed the scissors had gone missing. Real drunk adults with scissors and a mission? Welp, see ya. We thanked Toni so much for everything and said thank you to all of his friends for being so welcoming and thoughtful. I kept waiting for someone to jump out of the closet, refrigerator, cooler, BBQ, backpack, fireplace, Shana's purse, and ginsu my beard off. We made it back to the car safely and headed home where my beard and I could hang out in peace. 
The rest of the night was spent at the apartment. We sat on the balcony and laughed about how much that lady hated my beard and how persistent she was at seeing it removed from my face. Shana had the quote of the night though. We were talking about how everyone loved her cookies and she replied: "I love baking. It's like making little presents for your mouth." And Shana for the win. The hours had passed and we all wished each other a good night's sleep. I slept with my hands covering my beard, just in case. 
*Narnia = Cave.

Roger's favorite drink

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  1. mum, mummy, mummster, mummsySeptember 27, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    HaHaHalarious!! You were almost de-gnomed Jerrad! Whew! Could she have gotten bigger beard cutting scissors! Shana, you are the new cookie-meister. Nom, nom. Looks like fun, food and drink was had by all. Also......doesn't anyone have a job?