Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bye Bye Bordeaux

Day 58,  Straight Razor Guinness -  9/4
By Jerrad

When Shana and I are left to our own devices we choose to use our sleeping devices. Shana's sleeping device is WAY STRONGER than mine. We woke up and decided we needed to catch up on photo editing and blog writing so that's what we did during the morning slash beginning afternoon time. I had been trying to find a way to our next destination. The internet thought otherwise and tried to convince me it wasn't going to happen. We had planned to go to the train station and see if they could help us. Before the walk we needed sandwiches of course.
We popped into Viva Las Vegans. They have great food even if your palate loves the taste of flesh. We ran into our friend Annaïk. We felt like locals. The sandwich and lentils had provided the energy needed to get us to the train station. 
During our travel we came across a vintage shop called "Steack Fripes". We talked (as best we could) with shop owner. She was a very nice older lady. She informed us that she had owned the shop for thirty years. She had some pretty rad things in there. Shana tried on a handful of vintage bathing suits and old dresses. She decided against buying anything because she didn't want to haul it around for the next month (good job lady). We returned on our venture to the train station.
The two kilometer walk had lead us to the station. We noticed that there were two lines. One was for people traveling that day and the second was for people traveling on a future date. We waited in the future line and I noticed there wan't any hover boards and I got really sad. I also noticed that there were screens above each ticket sales person. One of the seven screens had the UK flag in it. I concluded that that flag meant the sales representative also spoke english. We had made it to the front and had people go around us as we waited for the english speaking sales rep to help us. Our time had come and the sales lady was quite nice. She quickly found us a route to our destination. We first had to catch a train from Bordeaux to Irun. Then another train from Irun to Zaragoza. Then another from Zaragoza to Huesca. You see Internet? There was a way. You didn't have to be such a rat bastard and try and convince me there weren't any trains going there. We were given our six tickets and we made the journey back home. We walked past a high school and saw some kids smoking. It was weird so see kids smoking at such a young age, but they were the Twerking Yolo Beiber Swag kind of kids so it didn't bother me one bit (#yourgenerationsmusicsucksandhasdonemoreharmthangood). 
On our way home we remembered Nadia had wanted a glass pastry cover top thing for some moss she had picked up and we had stopped by a store that had said top. We ended up getting her a moss-a-terrarium because it was way cooler than just the top. We also ran to another store to pick up not as good gifts like aluminum foil and bum wipe (aka tush paper aka shit tickets). 
 As we crossed the threshold to the flat we saw cute Nadia cuddled up sleeping in her bed. We tried to be as quiet as we could.
Nadia had plans with Annaïk and she asked Shana to do one of her patented side swipe, flip flop, Kris Kross, loopback braids in Nadia's hair.   As Shana finished up, seventeen* more bobby pins and some hot glue were applied. Nadia touched up her makeup as Annaïk rung the bell. We told our little sweetheart to have fun and to be safe. And no funny business, unless its really funny then that's ok. 
With the night to ourselves Shana had asked what I wanted for dinner. I said noodles of course. The answer was always going to be noodles, unless it's bacon, or fried chicken, or candy, or waffles, or chocolate covered sugar bombs. We threw on something decent (I went more for the more half decent look to keep expectations low) and we were off. 
The noodles were mighty tasty. We arrived back at the flat and after a short while Annaïk, Nadia, and Marianne had shouted from the street to the flat and asked if we wanted to go our for some drinks? And just like that were were off again. 
We walked down to Sweeney Todd's for a pint and a burger. Shana and I went sans burger so we could fit more beer in our tanks. We were also still chalk full of noodles. 
We all sat and enjoyed each other's company. Marianne (our new friend) was the owner of Viva Las Vegans. They were kind enough to speak english for us. They apologized for not being able to speak the language well and we apologized for being buttholes and not even knowing another language at all (unless you count only knowing names of food). Somehow, weird human tricks came up and Shana and I were all about it. We each showed our unique talents. Shana showed everyone she could lick her elbow (see picture: send me five dollars and I'll e-mail it to you) and I entertained everyone with my tongue tricks (see photo: I know what you're thinking and you mind is dirty. Also there is no photo of this). We talked until we realized we were the only patrons left so we paid our tab and went back to the flat for some much undeserved sleep. 

*Give or take.

Day 59, I'm not hungry. But I'll have seconds... and thirds. - 9/5 
by Shana

We slept in once again. We were getting really good at ignoring the noisy Bordeaux streets and bright lit apartment if it meant catching more Pokemon. No wait, I mean catching more Z's. We spent what was left of our morning walking back to the train station to refund a portion of our tickets. Apparently we're not the best at figuring out public transportation to tiny farms in tiny towns, because the tickets we purchased the day before needed to be adjusted. Oops.
After our walk and skipping breakfast (GASP) we were pretty hungry. We opted to have Pizza Picnic, Part Deux. We picked up some AZ Pizza, picked a spot by the river to set our blankets and chowed down. We planned to lounge in that spot for a bit to relax, but it was a bit warm so we snagged a nearby bench. We felt the need to be a bit productive since we were slacking on blog posts and such. While Jerrad typey-typed away on the iPad, I sketched a bit on my new sketchbook. I tried to draw pretty things but ended up drawing creepy plants. I can't help it.
Next we did some window shopping on the jam-packed shopping street. Then we picked up more Nikka for Nadia. We asked the cashier for Nikka, so she went in the back to grab some. While we were waiting, there were some other customers in the shop looking at the locked booze case. Jerrad and I told them Nikka was delicious, so when the store lady came back out they asked her for some. She told them that Jerrad and I grabbed the last bottle. Haha! Then one of the other customers looked at Jerrad and motioned (jokingly, we hope) that she was going to kill him.
We got home and started to get ready to head back out with Nadia. Bertrand met up with us and we went to Sumi, a japanese restaurant with a buttload of delicious appetizers. We weren't super hungry (or so we thought) so we just ordered a few appetizers. Which we inhaled. Then we ordered more and feasted on various nom-noms and ended with cheesecake. After dinner we waddled back to the apartment where Nikka came out to play. A few hours later it began to rain, thunder and lightning. Jerrad and I went outside to play in the rain and it was pretty magical. It was a perfect end to our day.

Day 60, Hangover Suckerpunch  - 9/6
by Jerrad

You know that feeling you get when you wake up and you're supposed to be hungover, but you're not? Yea, thats where we stood as our alarm went off. We woke up mildly early to meet Nadia at "Breakfast Club". We were uneasy about the fact that we weren't hungover, but made the trip regardless to get some food into our bellies. 
Once again the Breakfast Club was delicious. Once our plates were clean I looked around for other people to jump into an eighties montage where we didn't get hungover and became fluent in French by the end of the afternoon, but there weren't enough people and I had left my montage mix tape back at the flat. After breakfast we wished Nadia a farewell and hoped work wouldn't be sucky for her. 
The afternoon had hit and hangover crept in slow, like the plague. There it was. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, but it still melted our brains and muscles a bit. We walked outside for some fresh air from time to time, but overall did nothing all day. We took turns letting the internet steal a part of our soul. 
Nadia had come home to us looking like professional relaxing champions. We all ate a light dinner and watched the movie "Working GIrl". It was just what the doctor ordered. Cheesiness and all. I even spotted David Duchovny in his first role (he was just an extra). After the movie we continued to relax like professionals until we put our professional sleeping costumes on and slept like we were fighting for the last spot in the playoffs. 

Day 61, Two dogs, One girl, One third hair - 9/7
By Jerrad

We were awoken by the sound of rain. We had planned to do stuff, but once again rain ultimately decided how we were to spend the day. We did like anyone else would do and blamed it on Milli Vanilli. We weren't sure if the next destination we here going to had any laundry facilities so we thought we'd be productive in the rain and walk to the laundromat to do laundry.
We had been to the laundromat before and knew how the game was played. After loading all of the clothes Shana sat down and edited photos while I read. Nineteen minutes had passed when a younger (mid to late twenties) had come in with the same idea we had. She brought in her two dogs (long hair black lab mix?) to hang out with her. It appears she had left the house in such a rush only two-thirds of her hair was left on her head. It was interesting to say the least. I am not one to judge so if that haircut made her happy then by all means run with it. Her dogs were well mannered but wet and real, real smelly. They smelled like concentrated wet dog. The kind you need a prescription to get. They weren't bothering us (minus our olfactory senses) so we let it go and went into mouth breathing mode. Once our clothes were finished we walked back to the flat.
We hung clothes and edited photos until Nadia came home. Nadia informed us we were going to a real nice restaurant for our second to last supper.
We arrived to our riverside restaurant called (Ragazzi de Peppone) and sat down for some delicious P-I-Z-Z-A!!!!! Ragazzi was a nice (but not too nice) Italian joint. Before pizza we had to drink Lambrusco (Nadia made us). It was a sparkling dry red wine and it was really good (once again, good job Nadia). It wasn't too sweet and had a good kick. Shortly after we finished our Lambrusco, the pizzas came.  Nadia had ordered for us and she got me the Meat, meat, meat, meat, cheese, and thats it pizza (mmmmmmm), Shana got an arugula, tomato, goat cheese, and feta topped with parmesan slices. The last supper had been a good one and as a finisher Nadia secretly ordered the dessert platter (KKAAAA MMAAAA DAAAAA YYEEEAAAAAA HA!). We needed to burn at least a little bit of dinner energy so we walked around and ended up in one of Nadia's favorite bars.
The decor was interesting and I sat in the fire place on an old chair that look like it was about to turn to dust. Nadia walked to the bar and came back with some mojitos. We drank our night caps and admired the scenery.
Shana wasn't in a mojito night cap mood. She had a better idea. We stayed until our drinks were dry and went and got some ice cream night cap caps. We then made a pit stop to take some pictures inside an art sculpture. 
Ice cream night caps are always a great idea. Not a "good" idea like going to the gym more often, or reading books, but a great idea. Every time. The frosted frozen colored sugar coated lard squares were now safely in our bellies and we headed back to the flat to play dead for the next eight hours.
Day 62, Goodnight Bordeaux - 9/8
by Shana

Our last day in Bordeaux started with a quick walkthrough of the Sunday antique flea market with Nadia and Etienne. Once again, they had so much awesome 60's and 70's stuff to look at. And taxidermy. And some DVD's that "fell off of a truck". Mostly, it was cool stuff. After the market of fleas, the four of us made our way to Plume for brunch. Plume has one of the most popular brunches in Bordeaux which is why people wait outside (sometimes for an hour) while sitting on the sidewalk. The brunch was 20 euro for a huge plate of food, so Jerrad and I decided to split it. There was an egg sandwich, granola with fresh fruit & yogurt, a muffin, bread, two slices of cheese, two mini pancakes with maple syrup, jam, bakes beans and a side of vegetables with couscous. After eating everything on our plate, we understood why people would wait an hour to eat there.
After brunch we headed back to the apartment and took photos of Nadia for her "Yearbook Photo" blog post. Then we packed up our Adventure Bags for yet another adventure. We borrowed Etienne's car, picked up Bertrand and headed for the submarine base to view a photography exhibit. Next up was Le Moulleau, a really nice, posh beach town. We picked up some cannelès and an eclair from Alain Guignard. Then we got some walking fuel from a mom and pop ice-cream shop. Hey, that rhymes. We took a seat on a bench that faced the ocean and we finished our ice-cream and pastries. The mocha eclair was incredible and the cannelès were pretty good too. Then we walked around a bit for some people watching. The town reminded me and Jerrad of Downtown La Jolla in San Diego. There were countless men wearing salmon colored sweaters around their shoulders. There were even couples (that's right, more than one pair) that wore matching outfits. I asked Jerrad if we could pleaaaassseeee start color coordinating our outfits, but he said not until we're 80 years old. Deal.
We hopped back in the car and drove towards the incredible sand dunes. Nadia said they are the tallest ones in Europe. We kicked off our shoes and started hiking up the huge mountain of sand. We got to the top and were shocked at how breathtaking the view was. On one side of the dune was a forest full of bright green trees and on the other side was the ocean. We took a gazillion photos to take advantage of the beautiful scenery (and because we always take a gazillion photos). Nadia took a bunch of cheesy but cute ones of me and Jerrad which we will now claim as our official "honeymoon photos". I even got a photo of Jerrad jump-punching in the air. He's very excited about that photo. Just as we were getting ready to sit down to view the sunset, a rainbow appeared behind us. I know I use the words "awesome" and "incredible" and "amazing" all the time, but when the rainbow appeared it truly was all of those things. It was such a fantastic final evening in France. Hey, alliteration. We hung out on the sand dune for a bit more to watch the sky turn bright shades of orange and pink. After the sun disappeared behind some clouds we decided to pack up and head home. Jerrad decided to run/hop the whole way down the steep sand dune and he giggled the whole time.
We ended our night with Pitaya take-out and champagne back at the apartment. We packed our bags, said goodnight to Nadia and slept one last time in Bordeaux.


Super Jerrad

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  1. Okay, the photos made me cry. And laugh. And sigh. It's all just too much for me to take in. Thank-you all. I need to go rest now......