Sunday, September 22, 2013


Day 67 - One armed Jesus with a View - 9/13
by Jerrad

In the days proceeding a fiesta, where people party until the sun comes up, volunteers had the luxury of sleeping in until eleven thirty am.   Shana and I took full advantage of this luxury. Maria was kind enough to have some breakfast for us when we got up. Breakfast consisted of bread, coffee, and spreads. Maria also brought home some famous  Secastilla pizza as well. The pizza had cheese, tomatoes, olives, tuna, and feta. Shana wasn't swaying from her vegetarian ways so she did not partake in the famous pizza. It was tasty. Once breakfast was finished everybody picked up the pieces and we headed back to Graus to do some more festia-ing. 
We arrived in Graus and walked back to the main square (Plaza Mayor). In the square the adults had donned the big heads this time and were raising hell everywhere. As the NBA JAM adults ran around doing their shenanigans we decided to duck out before we got caught up in the mix. Maria needed to prepare/rehearse for her play that she would be in later that night. She said she'd meet us back at the car in a couple of hours. Viki, Shana, and I on the other hand "needed" some Wifi so we went to a near by restaurant to feed the need.
The restaurant had a plethora of sandwiches for us to choose from (see picture: conversation with El Guapo). Shana got the goat cheese veggie deluxe and I got the club. We ate our lunches very slow as to soak in all of the things Graus had to offer... and we weren't done editing photos, interneting in general, and completing a previous post. After adding some coal to our fires we ventured off the the basilica. 
At the base of the basilica sat a beautiful church. There was shade and a view. There was also a Jesus statue overlooking the whole valley. One had to work to get to see the Jesus statue (twenty minute hike). Shana wore her anti-living-during-a-zombie-apocalypse shoes (sandals). Shana kindly opted out of the hike and just enjoyed the shade with a side of view. 
Viki and I hiked the twenty minute trail in order to see Jesus in statue form. The hike was fairly easy and at the top we enjoyed the stunning beautiful view that is Graus with one-armed Jesus in statue form. I could tell statue Jesus had his fill of a doppelgänger scurrying around his base, so we made like a tree and got out of there.
We hiked back to the bottom and scooped up Shana. We then headed back to the car to meet Maria and traveled back to Secastilla. 
We arrived home and had new tasks to tend to. I was in charge of sanding some windowsills, feeding the bunnies, and feeding the hens. Shana and Viki were in charge of making tomato sauce from the tomatoes picked from the garden. Shana broke down the process: poach the tomato so the skin would come off easily, peel the tomato, cut it up, add to a pot of diced onions, cook it, season with sugar & salt, blend it, jar it, then boil the jars to seal them. Our tasks took us until dinnertime. 
Viki went with Maria back to Graus to see the Maria's play. We didn't speak spanish and wouldn't have been able to understand the play so we opted to stay home and fend for ourselves. 
Shana and I are fortunate enough to know how to cook. We prepared breakfast for dinner. We made fresh scrambled eggs with fresh garden vegetables and bread. Once the dust settled from cooking-for-ourselves-feast-a-thon we ventured upstairs to try and watch a movie. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out the volume. Watching a movie without the volume? We might as well have been reading. We spent some time reflecting on how cool it was at Casa Lucsia and how amazing our new hosts (Jesse and Maria) were. After our reflecting we felt our bed calling so we answered.

Day 68, Cladiu Bachu Draculu - 9/14
by Shana

At 9am we heard our wake-up holler from Jesse Man and popped out of bed. I've never avoiding hitting the snooze button anywhere, but Casa Luisa was so wonderful that I didn't want to miss a thing. We hurried downstairs for our breakfast and morning chit chat.
After breakfast we finished up dishes and got started on our tasks. Jerrad, Jesse and Viki headed out to the mountains to collect wild mushrooms. My task was to continue to work on my wool/found materials/felted art piece (woe is me) and to finish boiling the tomato sauce jars. Just as the giant pot of water started to boil the three amigos returned. Unfortunately they had some car trouble and couldn't find a reliable car to make it to the mountains.
The plan had changed and now Viki was to stay home to finish packing and jarring tomato sauce while Jerrad, J-Man and I went to Benabarre for Jesse to do some business and to meet up with his friend. We met Jesse's friend, Claudiu (AKA Draculu) and shot the poop for a bit while Jesse ran off and conducted some biz. Jesse suggested that we check out a nearby castle, but we got caught up in the poop shooting. We found out that Claudiu's lady friend resides in Portland, OR and that he would be visiting in November. This was good news because Jerrad and I were trying to figure out a good time to visit the Land of Port, so we made some vague plans to meet up there. FYI, Claudiu has a fashionable Romanian mullet, complete with sections of dreaded hair.
When Jesse returned he made fun of us for staying in the same exact spot when he left. We think he was just jealous of our fun-having. The four of us headed to a local park to swing on some swings and teeter totter. I may or may not have fallen off the teeter totter... After playing in the park for a bit we worked up an appetite for sandwiches and beer. We arrived at a restaurant that at first refused to serve sandwiches, but Sir Jesse Man convinced them to make us some mother fucking sandwiches. And some vegetarian crap. The three dudes ate their sausage-fest sandwiches while I dined on some fine veggies and yummy soup.
After snacking (from now on, some meals will be described as "snacks" so we don't get judged for eating 6 heavy meals a day) we dropped off Cladiu and drove back to Secastilla. We all did some serious resting and before we knew it dinner was ready. Viki had made a Hungarian dish of tomatoes and veggies, which was delicious. After dinner Claudiu showed up and we all headed to the bar for some wifi and ignoring each other.
When we returned to Casa Luisa we headed upstairs to listen to Jesse and Claudiu playing geetar and making up funny lyrics. Most of the lyrics are not blog-appropriate, so just trust me when I say they were giggle-worthy. When 1am came around a decision had to made; go back out to Graus for a fiesta that ended at 5am, or go to sleep. Jerrad and I opted for the sleeping because we needed to repair what the previous fiesta-ing had already done to us. Everyone said goodnight and parted ways to end another lovely day in Secastilla. 

conversation with El Guapo

Our fancy bar



  1. Scenery shots are very nice! As are all the new people you 2 are meeting. Keep up the frolicking with a little work thrown in.

  2. Very good plays on words. I wouldn't mind a "Figure: closeup of fashionable Romanian mullet"