Monday, September 23, 2013


Day 69 - Farewell Fiestas - 9/15
by Shana

Lol, day 69. Right, guys? Anyway, our day started with saying "bye-bye now" to Viki. Viki made some hungarian French toast which was like 
american french toast minus the sugar. Even though it wasn't what we were expecting it was still delicious. We all said our goodbyes Viki and Jesse took her to the train station. Since it was our day off (yeah, we get a "day off" from having too fun) we tried going back to bed to get some more sleep, but instead just rested a bit. We decided to become clean again and took turns showering. Then we were notified it was the last day of fiesta hijinks in Graus so we headed out with Maria for more fun-having.
Our first stop of the day was to the plaza. We watched children do a traditional sword dance (that we previously saw adults doing) but with sticks, which was pretty cute. After staring at children for a while we (Maria, Jerrad and I) were ready to move on. We headed to the vermouth section of the fiesta where, you guessed it, they served vermouth drinks. We tried our first dark vermouth/beer drink and it was delicious. There was also a live band playing and people dancing. Jerrad wanted to dance but I have a strict "no dancing in public" policy, so he asked Maria to dance. At one point a grandma took over and started dancing with Jerrad. It was pretty fun looking. So I drank some more of my vermouth drank, forgot about my policy, and I joined my handsome husband on the dance floor. But not before said grandma dragged me there. And that's when we made the memory of dancing in Spain at a fiesta.
After dancing and vermouthing we walked to Maria's parent's home, where they invited us over for second lunch/first dinner/snack. Maria's mom even made a special vegetarian salad which I gobbled up. I also got to eat gazpacho and olives (which is now of my new favorite snacks) and bread. Jerrad ate some meat stuff. After dinner, most of the guests either disappeared or went to nap. Luckily, two of the guests decided to stay up; Maria's twin niece and nephew. OH MAN, CUTE BABIES. These guys were really cute. We took turns internetting and watching the babes, but luckily some other family was awake to do the serious baby watching. After giggling with babies we went back to Secastilla for some red beer (fresh tomato juice and beer) and a nap. It's obviously a really hard life at Casa Luisa.
After we exited Naptown Jerrad and I got started on dinner and Maria joined us. We ate some leftover gazpacho, bean soup, fried zucchini, and hash browns with onions. After dinner, the three of us went back to Graus (extremely sleepily) to see the fiesta finale which was a parade. At the end of the parade was Cladiu's drumline, so we followed them and cheered them on. We were expecting some regular drumming, but instead we got some super bad-ass drumming. Maria couldn't help but dance the whole time we followed them. At the end of the parade was a fantastical fireworks show which was extra fantastical (and even a little romantical). Afterwards we waited at a diner for Claudiu, said our goodbyes and headed home for some nice sleep.

Day 70: SH*T was flying, but none of it hit a fan. - 9/16
by Jerrad

Waking up from a thundering yell is much better than waking up to an electronic noise you can turn off. The yelling has no snooze and no off button. We happily embraced the day and headed down the stairs to fuel up. As we ate we were informed of the tasks we would be doing after breakfast. Shana was given a roundtrip, fully refundable, first class, meal included, ticket to art town. I was given a pitchfork, a hand shovel, a large shovel, and bags. These items also came with a one way ticket to sh*ts-ville. Jesse and I were going to clean out the hen's and rabbit's home. 
Even the shittiest task was still fun at Casa Luisa. Jesse and I started upstairs with the young hens. They were pretty easy to catch and their pen wasn't too dirty. After we finished up with the hens pen we took a celebratory shot of bourbon. There was a bottle just chilling there and Jesse said "Sweet, grab it a take a swig" and I did just that. Up next was the bunny pen. Those guys were much harder to catch. I felt like John Randle chasing chickens (youtube it). There were a lot more bunny nuggets than there were chicken nuggets. After we cleaned up the joint we built a divider in the pen to separate the young bunnies from the old ones. After we finished the building project we let the bunnies loose... into their newly cleaned pen. We took another celebratory bourbon shot and went in for lunch.
For lunch we all enjoyed some summer mash. The mash consisted of potatoes, eggplant, onion, green pepper, tomato, and zucchini (fresh from their garden) all cooked together with some water, olive oil, and some salt, then lightly mashed. We finished off the meal with a salad and some bread. We then relaxed for a hot one before doing dishes. After dishes we parted ways back to art town and sh*ts-ville.
It was time to clean the bottom of the pen. This task involved shovels, pitchforks, and a wheelbarrow. We also attached a small trailer to the Suzuki Samurai. This was for the fecal relocation surgery we were performing. We were to take all of the crap we collected and use it to fertilize some trees and such at the mountain house. This meant every piece of shit was important, which goes against everything I learned in school. We filled the trailer full of crap and as we closed the tailgate Biff Tannen ran his car into the back of our trailer. We cleaned up, said goodbye to Doc & his furry friend Einstein* and we were on our way to the mountain house.
Forking fecal didn't take as long as I thought it would. You know what they say; "Forking fecal doesn't take as long as you'd think". The trees were happy and I had had my fill of the feces. We packed up the gear and headed back to Casa Luisa.
Whilst I was away Shana had been touring art town hard and was almost finished with her visit. She was having some trouble getting the mortar dye to soak into the wool though.
When we got home my work day had not yet ended so I did some watering and pruning until the work day was done. I hopped in the shower and got ready to chill.
While dinner was being prepared Shana was making some Walter White cookies. Casa Luisa didn't have measuring cups or spoons, but they did have a scale. We converted everything into grams from the recipe and got ready to cook. The oven was a different story. There was no temperature gauge on the oven, which made things even tougher. You could either light the top or the bottom and the heat was based on a one to three scale with three being hottest. We did a couple test runs to find the perfect cookie equation (Shana coined the term "cookiequation"). We figured out the temperature, shelf level, ph, aluminum level, bi-carbonate level, sodium chloride level, di-hydrogen oxide level, and mutagen levels. The third time was a charm. We still ate the ugly cookies, we just didn't enjoy them as much. By the time Shana was done Cladiu (aka Dracalu aka Daytime Dracula) had showed up to help Jesse melt our faces off with some sweet guitar riffs and songs. 
We all went upstairs to enjoy the music and eat cookies. A couple hours had passed and we all headed back down to our beds to sleep. 
*May not have actually happened. I did have two shots and did inhale a sh*t ton of crap.

In the first big head picture, there was a girl curled up in fetal position in the center being wrapped in tape and smacked with brooms

1/2 of twin babies

vermouth beer

Maria's sister

Casa Luisa snails


  1. I love it, I love it sooo much! You guys rock my socks off! Casa Luisa feels flattered and has actually blushed a bit... This could actually also be the onliest info in English about the fiestas in Graus, since their website is not translated, so you are pioneers as well!

    1. haha yes! Fiesta Pioneers. I like that title.

  2. Fiesta Festive, Bunnies and Chickens and Poop Oh My!!, Twins double-fun-cute, Vermouth + Shana = you-go-girl-dancing! Fireworks Fabulosso,

  3. Not sure if they will fit in your backpack, but would like you to bring back two of the fiesta "big heads"
    (and one of the twins). Thanks, Senor Papi

  4. OhmyGodIwantababy


    1. no, no, no. You want to PLAY with a baby, then hand it back over when it cries/poops. Way better.

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