Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adios Casa Luisa

Day 71, Our last working day in Europe - 9/17
by Shana

Our final work day at Casa Luisa approached us. Rather than being excited, we were sad that it was our last full day. We ate our breakfast, relaxed, then got started on our daily tasks. Jerrad and Jesse cleaned the house thoroughly while I worked on my wool project, which was nearly done. I was getting nervous that they wouldn't like it because it was super hippie looking but Jesse and Maria kept reaffirming that they thought it was pretty. Then again, wouldn't you tell a 5 a year that their finger painting was "beautiful" as well?
After a few hours of working Jesse decided it was time to get more drinking water for their house and wanted to take Jerrad and I along for the ride. We hopped in his car and drove through the beautiful mountains for about 30 minutes or so. Instead of arriving at a Water & Ice we arrived at the bottom of a mountain with a creek and a stream of fresh spring water. We were second in line, so while we waited Jesse started cleaning up bits and pieces of trash that had floated into the creek and Jerrad & I joined him. While waiting I got thirsty so I cupped my hand and collected some of the spring water to taste. Normally I can't taste the difference in waters (I usually just drink tap water) but this water was DELICIOUS. It was cold and fresh and made all other water taste like dirt. Damnit, now I'll have to find the closest spring water at home so I can collect angel liquid as well.
After filling a bunch of jugs with water we headed to Graus so Jesse could go to work teaching guitar lessons. Jerrad and I had some serious internetting to do so we hung out at a restaurant with wifi, eating tapas (very slowly, as to make our wifi time last longer). We met back up with Jesse and all headed back to Casa Luisa together, where I finished up my project.
Jerrad and I reluctantly started to pack our bags and tidy up our room before dinner. During dinner I used up the rest of my cookie dough to cook the last of the cookies. After dinner we all went upstairs to watch a movie that Jesse randomly picked out; The Cavern. While watching the movie the four of us finished eating the cookies like Joey Chestnut eats wieners. We continued watching the movie while simultaneously making fun of its awfulness. I think high school film students made the whole thing. The acting, the plot, the camera work, the lighting... everything was crap. So if you're into really crappy movies that you can make fun of, The Cavern is for you.
After movie watching we all said goodnight. Jerrad and I went to bed one last time in our cute room at Casa Luisa.

Day 72, Adios Casa Luisa - 9/18
by Shana

Jerrad and I got to wake up of our own accord, but rather than sleeping in super late we got up at 8:15. I know, I know. Impressive. We showered, headed downstairs, said goodbye to the lovely Maria before she went to work, ate some delicious eggies made by Jesse, cleaned our room, signed the guestbook, and sadly said farewell to Casa Luisa.
We hopped in Jesse's van, picked up Claudiu and drove towards Barcelona. We happily listened to Led Zeppelin and Radiohead while driving through beautiful Spain. We made a stop at a diner for some sandwiches and fries. I tried my first spanish tortilla (a fluffy omelet type thing with eggs and potatoes) with pa amb tomàquet (tomato bread) as my sandwich holder. After noms we got back on the road to finish our trip.
Once we got into the city it was crowded as crap. We almost immediately missed Secastilla and Graus, but were excited to see Barcelona nonetheless. After driving around for a while we finally found some parking. The four of us, and all of our luggage, walked towards our hostel. We took the subway, walked some more and arrived at our hostel, Kabul. We dropped our luggage off and ventured into the city.
Our first stop was get a brewskie (or a "cerveza", if you will) and to relax our feet for a bit. We picked an empty, less than pretty (maybe, possibly cat house) bar that served cheap beers. After rehydrating we were ready to explore the city a bit. We wanted to hang out at the beach so we picked up some snacks and started walking.
We found a nice spot to snack on bread, cheese and meat while simultaneously enjoying the view of girls tanning their nipples... heyyyy, wait a second... something's off here. Back to that snacking business... after we ate some salty, carby goodness we were a bit thirsty. Luckily we spotted a man with a tray of mojitos. Unfortunately this young man was sitting in the sun with his icy mojitos melting. Jesse Man yelled to him to stay in the shade so his drinks would stay cold. The man appreciated the advice so he sold us a mojito for 3 euro, rather than 4. And maybe put a splash more of "fun juice" in it. We all sipped on the delicious mojito when we noticed the man selling them looked a bit nervous. He said he had been spotted by the cops and started walking towards them. Apparently he was selling mojitos illegally. That must have been why it was so delicious. Everyone knows Black Market Mojitos are the tastiest. After the man walked away, a cop came up to us and tried to tell us we did something wrong. That's when we slowly and casually got up and walked away. Obviously when the time comes to tell our grandchildren this story it will involve running from the cops, firecrackers, chorizo, a three legged dog and a night in jail.
As you can imagine, salty food + beach + mojito = sleepiness so that's when we said our final farewells and parted ways. Jesse went with Claudiu to the airport and Jerrad and I went back to the hostel to rest for a quick one. Later in the evening when we worked up another appetite we dined on cheap pizza slices and walked around. After a long day of traveling, beaching, and outrunning the law we went to sleep.

Dragon ball z Jesse

seat cover

finished art project!




  1. OMG!! A living, breathing and organic moving wall hanging! Triple Awesome. It's your best yet! The seat cover comes up 2nd and mottled potholders a close 3rd. Fantastico! Clear stream water? What's that? Welcome to Barcelona (again)! The journey continues......................

    1. Maybe I'll make you some potholders when we get back

  2. You did an incredible job creating art for those hosts of yours. Cool stuff. Muy bien.
    -That one girl who used to travel too