Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yearbook Photos: Amsterdam, Holland

Kimon Sklavounos, 28, Greece

Quote: "Malaka!"
Most likely to miss their beard.
Voted best non-USA beard.
What makes you happy?

"Food and sun. No, beer, food and sun."

Kimon moved to Amsterdam about 4 years ago from Greece. He was working at a hostel for a while, but is recently looking for a new job. We met him through our friend, Davey (who met him at his hostel.) Kimons likes video games, beer and South Park, so obviously we had plenty to talk about.
Kimon was incredibly helpful and friendly. He hooked us up with a museum discount, told us about really cool places to check out and made sure he had time to hang out with us (even though he had about 32 other friends in town.)
Kimon has a pet snake named Salazar. He claims some Aussie girls named the snake for him, but we think he's a die-hard Harry Potter fan and wants to be in Slytherin.
Kimon said any interested American ladies can send their information over. 


  1. So I feel like I've commented on every post and I think a couple of my comments might have gotten lost in the Internet vortex. :( sorry. Eat croissants for me!

    1. I'm starting to think you're the only one that reads our blog. (just kidding, I know my mom and dad read it too.)

      I will most certainly eat some croissants for you. And macaroons. And baguettes. And cheese. And wine.

  2. Hi you two! Having fun yet? Yes, you are! Give me ice cream, waffles and chocolate. Show me some ice cream up close please. Great blogging guys. When does the book/movie come out? I love all your new friends. I want them for my friends, too. They can couch surf here. Have fun on the farm and bone appeteeet! mummsy

    1. Hi Mummsy!! I will ship you and dad some ice-cream (tell dad it's mayonnaise flavor so you can have it all). I will make sure to invite all of our new friends to Chateau-Mesa :]