Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paris and the Louvre

fun with bread and wine

day 40, Museum Party
by Shana

Our Friday in Paris began with sleeping in and planning out our day. First up was breakfast. I decided to make Mister some eggies, tomatoes and coffee, aka museum fuel. After breakfast we got ready and I put on my obnoxious tourist outfit; Fresh Prince leggings and a neon shirt. That  way, if we got separated during the day (in the metro, in busy museum crowds, etc.) Jerrad could easily spot me.
We hopped on the metro and ended up at Musée des Arts et Métiers (museum of arts and crafts). The museum was full of inventions of all kinds. The museum was divided into a few sections; scientific instruments, materials, construction, energy, communication, etc. My favorite section? Materials! I got to see all types of fiber contraptions including old Jacquard looms. I also enjoyed the end of the museum, which is where the robots are on display. My favorite robot was the Cylon. 
We left the museum with our tummies growling and started our search for food. We wanted to eat at a sidewalk cafe, but didn't feel like spending 30 euro doing so, so we kept searching. We came upon a place that served cheap frites and pizza. The pizza looked decent so we took a seat outside and started our people watching. We ordered the vegetarian pizza and beer. The beer was fine but the pizza was absolute crap. I've had better microwave pizza. At least we were full.
After eating barf pizza we headed to our next museum. Jerrad found about 23 sneaker shops along the way, which were all in the same neighborhood. He was a happy man. I even tried some wedge sneakers on, but decided I didn't love them enough to spend $200...
After sneaker shopping we arrived at our next destination, Musée Des Arts Décoratifs (museum of decorative arts). We only had an hour to look around before closing (thanks sneaker stores), so we didn't dilly dally. We walked from room to room admiring all of the beautiful fashion, furniture and art. Our favorite exhibit was the Winshluss (Vincent Paronnaud) section. We really enjoyed his work.
The decorative art museum is part of the same building as the Louvre, so we walked a few meters or kilometers or liters (I'm still getting used to the measurements) and ended up right outside of the Louvre. We stopped for some overpriced coffee and wi-fi to recharge for more museuming.
We kept hearing about how the lines for the Louvre are absolutely ridiculous but we read about some secret entrances and tricks to avoid the lines. The first tip was to go on a Friday evening when all of the tourists went home to kick off their Crocs, unload their fannypacks and to upload photos of the Mona Lisa. We also read to try the not-so-secret mall/carousel entrance. Well, it worked. We walked right through the security line, bought our tickets at a automatic kiosk and headed into Jesus Paintings/Mona Lisa/Penis Statue paradise.
The first room we walked into was full of beautiful statues. Check out the photos below that I got of my favorite "pieces"... lolololol. After getting all of my giggles out we continued our journey. Our first stop was the Mona Lisa. As we walked through the museum I couldn't help but notice all of the paintings of Jerrad. There was even one painting of Michael Cera (see diagram George Michael). We passed by "Winged Victory" which was beautiful. We arrived at the Mona Lisa and snapped a few shots. I kept hearing about how small the painting was - Jerrad told me it was, like, 8.5 x 11. Since I was expecting a tiny thing, the painting was obviously larger than I expected. Jerrad is a big fat liar. Anyway, Mona Lisa: check.
Next on our list was the Venus de Milo because it's all famous and stuff. We walked by a lot more Jesus/Jerrad paintings/statues, some beautiful ceilings and 12 year old tourist boys that felt the need to graze my butt, not once, but twice. Little pervert. After getting violated we arrived at the Venus de Milo, took some photos and moved on. Then we checked out some Egyptian stuff and a pretty Saint Mary Magdalene statue. After that, we were done. I'm glad we went because it's a rare chance to get to see such epic works of art, but to be honest we were a little bored. It was definitely worth going, but I don't think I'd return
After the Louvre we walked towards a ferris wheel (to which I cleverly named a PARIS wheel.... because it's a ferris wheel IN Paris... and Paris rhymes with ferris.... get it??). We ended up skipping the overpriced ferris wheel ($26 to ride...) and headed home after walking around a bit more. 
On our walk home we stopped for some more relaxing juice. This time we chose white wine. We got two bottles for a total of 5.60 euro. Score. When we walked out of the store there were two guys (most likely drunk) talking French to us. We shrugged at them, said "no fran-swa" and kept walking. To which they replied, in english, "big ass!"... :[ My butt had a rough day. We headed home for some wine, leftovers and bed. After a lovely, long day we felt asleep quickly. 

Is a sheet, or a dress? It's both!

breakfast for Mister

obnoxious outfit #1



Opium shoe store


Art by Winshluss

my favorite pieces at the Louvre... get it? "Pieces"?

Jerrad statues
Jerrad painting

diagram George Michael

Mona Lisa photo sesh

a painting of the Louvre?

art we really enjoyed:

Venus de Milo

super cool baby

What to do after a few hours at the Louvre



  1. Now I don't have to go to the louvre. My fave was the nude beautiful lady with long hair. Stunning. Dad will love Robbie the Robot and me C3PO. Shana, if you think those French guys were rude, wait till you get below Barcelona. Loved all the photos of museum items. Thanx for that. Bone Appeteete, wee wee and all that. Ta Ta

  2. I can't believe those guys were talking about your ass, and not Jerrad's hair/beard! People must be very hairy in France.