Saturday, August 31, 2013

Braids and Crepes

Day 48, Laid Back, Way Back
by Jerrad

Morning had come yet again. Like clockwork. We all took our time removing the crust from our eyeballs and the rust off our bones (at least thats how I wake up every morning). As the girls started to get ready for the day I offered to make breakfast. I made cheese omelets using the leftover cheese from the previous night's dinner. I plated the eggs and called the girls over for food. We all started eating and sat in silence. I took that as a "mmmm, these eggs are hella good and I don't want to waste any energy talking when I could be shoveling these spectacular fluffy golden food nuggets into my pac-man mouth".
        Breakfast had ended and Nadia was off to work. I hopped into the shower to wash off the man stench and shampoo the crumbs out of my human sized garden gnome beard. As I emerged shiny and brand new with that new car smell I noticed Shana had been experimenting with her hair. She was attempting the "Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder Sideswipe Cross-Cut Braid"™ she saw on Pinterest. I thought it looked good. She added thirty-six more bobby pins and I think some glue. Once she had finished her art piece, we collected our dirty clothes and were off to the laundromat.
Figuring out how to use a new (to you) washing machine is hard enough, but to do so when the directions are in another language is stupid. I wish there were colorful pictures to explain it all, but instead we had to figure it out like the secret clue on supermarket sweep (Gold Wrapped Hams ALL DAY SON!!!!). We had succeeded in deciphering the instructions and our clothes would be clean once again. As the spin cycle had finished the rain had heard we made it to Boudreaux and decided to give us a visit.
Walking back in the rain with wet laundry isn't so bad in Bordeaux (not much is). We got back to the flat and hung our newly cleaned clothes. After picking the perfect angle for maximum sun and wind exposure for speedy clothes drying we got ready for brunch at Nadia's work. 
The cafe Nadia works at is located at Bordeaux's Museum of Contemporary Art. We showed up at the end of brunch and helped ourselves to an all you can eat smorgasbord of fruits, coffee, tea, juices, croissants, cheese, quiches, eggs, bacon, salami, bacon, sausage (and other delicious foods I can't remember). We ate and ate and laughed and ate and took pictures. After thanking Nadia for being awesome and for the food we toured the museum. There was an exhibit of children sized puppets in nice clothes and tap shoes on. There were strings tied to there shoes and a motor would pull the strings and create a living nightmare for all to see.
We returned home and chilled off the calories (and terror) we had just consumed. This required a lot of chilling. Shana was chilling so hard she passed out. We waited for our super fun amazing host Nadia to return home. Hours had passed and Nadia returned home and asked if we we hungry. Of course we were. We had been chilling pretty hard and had worked up quite an appetite. 
Our next food quest brought us to Nadia's friend's restaurant Le Mere Michel. These were different from the Paris street crepes we had feasted on. We decided on getting the goat cheese honey walnut, the cheese with homemade cherry preserves and the egg, cheese, tomato, with onion jam.  After ordering we had learned that Nadia had plans and that we would have the flat to ourselves for the night. The crepes came and once again we took to them like an orange fat cat takes to lasagna. Nadia was off and we finished our crepes in the romantic atmosphere that was Bordeaux. 
Upon returning to the flat we decided that there was still plenty of more chilling to be done. We put on the movie "Tangled" and chilled the night away.

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  1. You two are becoming expert foodies over there. Not only is the language different in every way, but so are all the pics of food. Never before seen here. So alien. I hope you can duplicate those crepes upon returning. Bordeaux looks like a great place to live. Now go out and have some more fun adventures!