Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bordeaux 4ever

Day 46, Nikka is my new best friend
-By Jerrad

Morning time had come again. Our plans for this glorious morning were to visit the farmers market. We slowly put ourselves together and headed toward our destination.
Nadia informed us the market is open every day, but monday. The market was pretty big and had all the things you could ask for. It had: great cheeses, artisan breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, beef tongue, chicken hearts by the bag, homemade desserts and jams, sausages, sunglasses, bootleg watches, clothing and plenty of other items. We had picked up some fresh hand made raviolis, veggies, cheeses and bread for dinner. Being around all that food made us hungry. We walked back to the flat to drop off the dinner ingredients and headed back out for food.
Nadia had recommended a bagel place called "Catering". She had yet to steer us wrong so we went for it. We ordered our bagel sandwiches to go due to the best seats (outside ones) being all taken. We decided to eat our lunch on a bench down by the river. As we sat down I noticed there weren't as many vans as I thought there would be. The bagel sandwich I got had cream cheese, cheddar, red onion, bbq sauce and BACON on it. It was instupituous. We had stuffed our food holes with enough energy to get lost, so that's what we did.
Meandering the city was cool. We walked through tiny alley ways and cobble stone streets. After we had our fill from being lost we used our compass (aka smart phone map) to figure our where we were and how to get back to home base. On the way back we had picked up a few other items and yellow toilet paper for our host (she was running low). Nadia came home and she brought a friend with her. This friend was a bottle of Japanese whiskey named Nikka. She had told us about it the day before and now there it was. It turns out the Japanese make the best whiskey I've ever tasted. It was exceptional. As we sipped on this new found nectar of the gods we were informed that Nadia also invited her friend over to join us for dinner. 
Nadia's friend Bertrand came over to join us for dinner and laughs. As Shana was cooking we all swapped stories about being on boats... I think. Man that whiskey was good. Then next thing I remember Shana was calling us over for dinner. She made the raviolis and tomato avocado salad. The French Three Amigos (or Three Amis) bread, wine and cheese were also invited to the dinner table. Bertrand had also brought some cheese to accompany the cheese we'd gotten from the market earlier in the day. To finish the meal Bertrand brought a dessert from his home town. It was a chestnut cake. Bertrand was becoming cooler and cooler with each passing moment. After dessert number one we went out to tour the town some more. 
On our tour we came across some people dancing. Nadia told us they set up there all the time just to dance. It was great to watch. We continued our adventure and Nadia pointed out the various face carvings on the different buildings as we passed by. They were in miraculous shape for being so old. I felt that my belt was a little loose and realized we hadn't eaten dessert number two. We stopped by a new ice cream spot to make sure my belt would fit again (see diagram: Scoops on Scoops on Scoops). The new ice cream spot served up flavors like: creme brûlée, tiramisu, *Flamenco dancer, rose, mango, *muskrat, *velociraptor, *mog, and chocolate brownie. Dessert number two had put us on the fast track to sleepy town. We walked back to the flat, said goodbye to our new friend, and did some hay hitting.   

*I had picked up a French to English dictionary from a pretty shady man at the market for fifty cents. Some translations may be off. 

Day 47, Date Night
by Shana

We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain. We wanted to get some typing done and upload some photos, so we stayed indoors for a bit. After being productive for a few hours we were craving some noodles from Pitaya. We walked around the corner and ordered some sie yai and bo bun. While the bo bun was yummy, sie yai won the "Yummiest Pitaya Dish" contest yet again.
Our next stop was the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Unfortunately most of the museum was closed, but it was free admission so we weren't too sad. One of our favorite pieces was a painting of a headless man holding his own head. Our other favorite piece was a small statue of a headless child. I think there's a theme going on. After viewing some art we sat in the pretty garden for a bit. There were even some wedding portraits being taken at the other end.
When we were done looking at flowers we scooted out of there and did some window shopping around town. We even spotted our old friend Nikka (the Japanese whisky friend) and contemplated getting some to ship home. We opted not to (for the time being) and headed back to the loft for Nap-a-thon 2013.
I awoke from my slumber when Nadia got home. She came bearing more gifts. That's right. Every day at Nadia's is like Christmas. Have I mentioned how awful she is? She got Jerrad a knife (a wooden handle flippy kind of knife) and she got me a shirt that said "oh crêpe!" which was fantastic.
After gift time we all went out for our date night; dinner and movie. We started at Upper, a yummy burger place. I got a veggie burger, the meat eaters got bacon burgers and we split some fries. It was delicious. When our tummies were full we headed to our second destination, the movie theatre. We chose to watch "Frances Ha" and we were all very happy with our choice. We enjoyed the movie so much that we talked about it for the rest of the night. After the movie we saw a band of students playing some music in the street and stayed to listen for a while.
We then got some night caps at La Vie Moderne, where one of Nadia's friends works. Jerrad got a Long Island, Nadia got a martini and I got a rose mojito. Floral flavors for the win. When we finished our delicious drinks we headed home for the night.

beloved Nikka

beloved Nadia

fancy dinner by Shana

proof dinner was fun


scoops on scoops on scoops

READER POLL: Who made the creepiest face? I vote Bertrand.

street dancing

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  1. I may as well tell you two now: you will not like America when you come home. Just sayin'. I love your insane ice cream face, Shana(scary!). The pics of "baby ruth" fountain....da-bomb! Headless comment very funny. Love your new "crepe" tee, Shana. Jerrad, we will try to keep your new friend "Nikka" under control. (makes for a good x-mas gift,yes?). Now go out and have some MORE fun!!