Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yearbook Photos: Veenhuizen, Holland

Roger Mata, 24, Barcelona, Catalonia

Quote: "My friend..."
Most likely to succeed.
Voted best bracelets.
What makes him happy? "Fun time."

Roger graduated with a degree in industrial design but decided he wanted to go back to school for graphic design, for better employment opportunities. Before starting up school again in September he traveled around using Help X by volunteering on farms in Denmark and Holland.
Roger likes to make fun of us for constantly snacking. He taught us that the type of food we eat (choco creme peanut butter with sprinkles sandwiches) are called "bombs" in Catalunya, because they are calorie bombs. We like to pretend he keeps telling us that our food is "the bomb". Roger is very generous and always shares his snacks with us, but not without making fun of us for eating them. Roger thinks Yoshi is the ugliest dog he has ever seen. He hates pictures of her. Roger says he can't understand why people pay for dogs like this. He says, "If someone gives you one, yeah, maybe. But to pay for that? Crazy people: they are everywhere."
Roger's best friend is Fly, his golden retriever. He loves him so much he wishes he could talk so they could be better friends. All of the dogs in Roger's family have been named Fly, like the cat, Snoball, on Simpsons.
We are happy to have met Roger and hope to meet up with in in Barcelona, when we visit in September.

Roger wanted to write about us;
"When you arrived here I thought that it would be a difficult situation for me because I don't speak english very well, but in a few minutes I saw that I was completely wrong. Both of you taught me lots of words, the correct forms of verbs and sentences in english, which I tried to learn immediately. We had lots of "fun times" together which were really funny!!! During these fun times I could see that the boss who had all the power on the farm wasn't Lambert, it was Shana, who revolutionized all the helpers.
With Jerrad our situation was completely different, he is a friendly person and immediately we had a very good relationship and in a few minutes he told me that they were on their honey moon. It was then when I first said, "good luck my friend!" I learned from him that we had to do what the lady wanted, because we must, and in a few days I knew why Jerrad's behavior was like this, he had the solution of all life problems. The best sentence I've ever heard was, "happy wife happy life." It was then that I decided that if all women are like Shana, then I want to be alone."

After Roger wrote his note, Manuel wrote his (on my blog). Roger read Manuel's note. Roger realized what a butthole he was because he didn't say anything nice like Manuel did. He then decided he wanted to add something nice to his story and he came up with this super sincere gem:

"After this I have to say that was a very good time with you
best wishes"


Manuel Àlvarez, 37, Madrid, Spain

Quote: "If a baby doesn't cry, it doesn't eat."
Most likely to build a caravan
Voted best cigarette roller
What makes you happy?
"Doing things that make me laugh."

Manuel was a little scary at first, because he never talked and always had a scowl on his face. Once he warmed up to us and started talking to us, I asked him why he was always serious. He replied, "It's just my face." Manuel is very funny and has a great, dry sense of humor.
Manuel hopes to host volunteers on his own farm one day. Until then, he is helping build a caravan for the Veenhuizen farm using his designer skills.
Manuel would always stub his "fat finger". We were very confused when he said this. He explained that in Spanish there is no word for "toe", or "big toe". In Spanish all phalanges are referred to as fingers, so thumbs and big toes are "fat fingers". We all laughed for a long time about this translation. He is very skilled at rolling cigarettes, keeping his room clean and saying things under his breath.

Manuel's addition:
"I don't understand! write about what? :) I wish to speak with them but I can't. I think that I am in another world but in this world I understand, there are more forms of communication.
I don't need speak to know a best couple that have came in the farm, I am very happy, funny times!! it's difficult to explain for me, I fell that I have lost another things that my walet, I have lost a time with my brothers, the american couple. 
I like being around happy people. When they laugh, I laugh, I love it." 


Rosie & Steve, 27 & 30, New Castle, England

Quote: "Rubbish." 
Most likely to have a baby
Voted cutest couple
What  makes you happy?
Rosie: "Rain."
Steve: "Stroking potatoes."

Rosie is studying nutrition and Steve is a math teacher. They just got a home with a garden and are very excited about getting use out of it (no potatoes or garlic obviously). They are expecting their first baby, which obviously means Rosie is a badass for help-xing during pregnancy.
        We immediately took a liking to Steve and Rosie. They had our same sense of humor which made for giggly conversations. We really enjoyed learning new words and slang (not blog appropriate). After the farm they are heading to Amsterdam to celebrate Rosie's birthday. We look forward to meeting up with them.

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