Friday, July 5, 2013

What to Pack for a Three Month Europe Trip

I don't think I would have been able to plan this trip (of even had to guts to start planning) if it weren't for all of the wonderful advice offered on blogs and websites out there. So I thought I'd contribute a little bit by providing our packing list (which I put WAY too much thought into).

When doing research for our trip the most common piece of advice that came up was to pack light. Trying to pack light when you're a over-thinking worry-wart/"what if" person is a little difficult. In the end I was able to pack light enough to fit everything into a backpack, which I consider a success. My pack is 25 lbs and Jerrad's is 35.

Onto the ridiculously detailed list:

Luggage & such:
a backpack (medium size camping style)
a giant purse (GIANT)
packing cubes/delicate bags (to keep my clothes organized)
a sleeping sac (a queen sheet sewn in half)
a pillow case
an odor controlled dirty clothes bag

Toiletries & then some:
skin care
travel size shower stuff (to be replaced along the way)
tiny perfume
hair ties/brush/bobby pins
laundry detergent strips
a rubber clothesline
a sink stopper
first aid (overpacked with "what ifs")
travel towel

Lady wearables:
shower flip flops
7 pairs of socks
10 pairs of underwear
3 sports bras
2 underwire bras
3 undershirts (thin tank tops)
7 tops (short sleeved)
2 jeans
4 leggings
2 maxi dresses
2 short dresses
maxi skirt
skort onesie (ah-mazing)

Husband's wearables:
airmax 90's (infrared og)
reebok pumps (omni light)
shower flip flops
10 pairs of underwear
8 socks
8 undershirts
2 pairs of jeans
2 shorts
4 athletic shorts
8 tshirts
2 button ups (one long-sleeve, one short)
swim trunks
rash guard
long sleeve undershirt

unlocked smart phone
camera (sony nex 5r)

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