Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Times Square Tourists, Central Park Pretzel Picnic and Williamsburg Barcade

We decided to embrace the fact that we're tourists, so we started the day with taking photos in Times Square. I'm not a fan of large crowds so I told myself I would hate it, but it wasn't as terrible as I thought. Now that I've been there and have a few photos of it, it's not somewhere I would visit again on purpose.

Next up was Central Park. We picked up a soft pretzel (meh), did some people watching and played on swings in the playground. Jerrad pushed me too high and I got scared. I don't remember being that big of a baby. But I was wearing an adult-sized toddler romper, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Then we hit a few more touristy spots like FAO Schwartz and Dylan's Candy. FAO was fun to check out. I almost walked on the keyboard but didn't feel like waiting in line with screaming spawn. I did purchase a new crochet hook bag that looks like a slice of pizza. I'm sure it will come in handy as a photo prop. Dylan's Candy was a disappointment. I LOVE candy, but I also love not getting ripped off.

After being surrounded by thousands of other tourists and shops that all looked the same we headed to Williamsburg; a fancy hipster's wet dream. Verameat, Catbird, vintage boutiques and vegan-friendly restaurants lined the streets. I can't lie, I felt at home. The pace was WAY slower than any other neighborhoods we had visited so far. We started with checking out a few shops (I was tempted to buy all the rings in Verameat and Catbird, but won't have much use for them in a week when I'm working on a farm). After all of the cardio (slowly walking around for hours) we needed some carbs. We grabbed some bagels from Bagel Smith which were tasty and cheap.

We saved the best for last. Barcade; a bar arcade. Yes, please. Matt and Angie told us about this place and we knew we had to check it out. They had tons of microbrews and old arcade games. We were in heaven. We shared Kuhnhenn Wild Blueberry Pancake and Long Ireland Black Friday. I was a fan of the latter. I went straight to magical Tetris and was a very happy lady. Jerrad played Ghost & Goblins and Tapper. Together we played Ninja Turtles, Final Fight, Smash TV and a game called Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters. Can we just take a moment to talk about this game? It was amazing. You have to shoot robot monsters with your laser gun while making sure not to shoot the human slaves that are busy making more evil robots. Then you walk over to the slaves and free them. There were also side tasks like breaking into food lockers and turning on escalators, which the game very creatively called "electro-stairs". Way more scientific sounding. I would like to own this game.

After playing games for hours we met up with Jordan for dinner at Bliss Cafe. A vegan/vegetarian healthy restaurant where we ate our first vegetables of the trip. After din din we went back to the apartment to pack up our heavy, giant backpacks. I wish I was like Doug Funny and just wore one outfit everyday so I could have a lighter backpack. Jerrad and I are considering sending some of our crap home to lessen the load. Just be prepared for the same outfits in all of our photos.

Now we are on a bus to Boston to hang out with Shannon, Jace and cousin Shannon for a few days before we head to Amsterdam.

Welp, see ya later

Justin Photo Timbomb

My adult-sized toddler romper

I want one.


  1. Can't you just shoot the humans so they stop making evil robots?

    Don't forget to load up on carbs.


    1. Thanks Dr. Brother. Next time I play I'll zap the humans.

  2. Love the adult-sized toddler romper and this blog! Send clothes back be like Doug Funny.