Monday, July 8, 2013

Chelsea & SoHo - donuts, sneakers and yarn

The day started with heading to SoHo but making a last minute change to Chelsea. Luckily, Mister is in charge of subway directions so we didn't end up in Jersey. We went to Chelsea to meet our friends Matt & Angie at Doughnut Plant (um, YES). On the walk from the subway to the doughnut shop we stopped in a macaroon shop for an appetizer, because doughnuts just aren't filling enough.

The doughnuts were AMAZING. We all nibbled on a mix of vanilla bean, blueberry, coconut cream, creme brûlée, carrot cake and hazelnut doughnuts. I can't imagine why I had a tummy ache all day. After doughnuts we walked along the pretty high line and ended at Artists and Fleas (picture Etsy in real life). I accidentally purchased a perfect vintage romper (pictures to come if I have to guts to wear it tomorrow). We parted ways with Angie and Matt and went to SoHo.

We were famished from our post-doughnut walk so we refueled with a slice and garlic knots. Sorry tummy/you're welcome tastebuds. For the next 6 hours we walked around and shopped at various yarn stores, sneaker shops (21 Mercer & Reed Space) and bookstores. We both picked up a book (On the Road by Jack Kerouac and Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk). I bought a skein of yarn from Downtown Yarns which was hand spun and naturally dyed. I plan on buying a skein (hopefully locally made) in each place I visit because my yarn stash is running a little low (I'm down to about 7 trash bags full).

Since we walked around for 6 hours we probably burned about 36,000 calories so we were ready to carbo-load again. We picked up some gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato which was delicious. After our snack we walked around for about an hour more and Jerrad stopped in Supreme. Jordan met up with us and we all headed back to the apartment. The night ended with more food at Song, a yummy Thai restaurant.

I think we'll skip Europe and just eat our way through New York for the next three months.


  1. I'm reading your post making my sad face. You guys are having so much fun! Your pictures look great, you got some really good shots of Matt and Angie. The jealous meter just went up a little more (didn't know it was possible). I'm going to start hoarding money so that Jim and I can travel next year.

  2. We miss your sad face. And your regular face, too.