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Day 4, Boston; Shannon in Cambridge

Boston was so fun we didn't have time to blog. So here's a summary according to Mister: 
The bus ride from New York to Boston wasn't too bad. The plan was to read, but napping and free WiFi got in the way. As we arrived we hailed a cab to Shannon's house. Luckily we got directions beforehand because the cabbie said the address we gave him didn't exist. 
On arrival we were greeted Shannon. She has an amazing place in Cambridge; lots of hardwood, and a slight lean to it. We took the T (Boston's name for their subway and public transit system) and we ate lunch at Life Alive (all vegan/vegetarian). It was delicious. After that we headed to Mead Hall for some local beah's and a soft pretzel. Fighting the urge to nap we headed to Voltage Coffee House. It was a cool place with good coffee and local artwork. After the caffein reload we headed back to relax and get ready for the night to come. 
The plan was to visit the local watering hole called "River Gods" to listen to Shannon's friend DJ. We drank some whiskey and hung out with Shannon, Alex (Shannon's roommate) and his friend Jake. Alex and Jake we're awesome individuals. We started chatting about movies and Jake said he wasn't that into Harr-rah movies (Boston for "horror"). We ended the night back at Shannon's.

Shannon loves giving Jerrad a fishtail 

Handsome Damon 

Chocolate covered was the best

Day 5, Jace in Jamaica Plain

As we woke up we could hear the rain falling pretty heavily outside. This was a blessing in disguise. Shana has baby feet and all of her little piggies needed to rest. We did manage to scurry over to Whole Foods to get supplies for breakfast. Shana made an amazing Challa French Toast and we drank Mimosas while she cooked. Since it was still raining we decided to stay inside and watch "Scratch"; a documentary about DJ-ing and how it came to be (It's a good one. Check it out). The sun did manage to come out finally and we headed to the park to eat bread, cheese, and drink beer. I'm talking quality bread, brie and Brooklyn Summer Ale. Not Wonder Bread, Kraft singles, and PBR tall cans. Have some class people. After lunch we packed up our bags and our BFF Jace picked us up.
Jace lives in Jamaica Plain (JP if you're nasty). After experiencing the high quality driving of Boston's finest (imagine real life Mario Kart with an "only suitable for adults language" buffer) we arrived in JP just in time to meet Jace's roommates (Suzanne and Dave - high quality, super cool human beings). After taking Jace's other roommate, Rocko, on a walk (Rocko is a dog in the literal sense) we headed to Chinatown for some dim sum. Jace took us to his favorite spot, which happened to be closed for renovations. We turned around and found another spot that looked promising. We were greeted and lead through a giant eating establishment with elaborate paintings and decorations. The only problem is this giant place was pretty much dead. They sat us near the window to make it look like they were busy to the outside world. After roughly 10 minutes of non-service we decided that this place was a front for drug/human/beanie baby/illegal prescription hair care products/ Maltese falcon/lucky money cat trafficking we slipped out of there to feast at another "fine" establishment. We came upon another dim sum establishment that was mediocre at best. I believe the name of it was "Dim Sum Place Restaurant Bed and Breakfast Bar and Grill Cafe Lounge Down by the Water". We ended the night with beers, Golden Eye, and Minecraft.

Watching Vice


Rocko with bunny ears

Roommate Dave

Day 6: Shana Growing Up

We started off the morning by getting breakfast with cousin Shannon at Sorella's. We were very happy we got to see her. After consuming an iced coffee big enough to be considered double big gulp size we headed back to Jace's to wander around the streets of Boston.
Jace was a history major and gave us a great walking tour of Boston. With all of the knowledge we soaked in we needed fuel in the form of sugar coated lard squares... or at least something close to that. We stopped by Mike's Pastry where Shana and I had our first cannoli (we shared mocha chip, Oreo, and chocolate dipped flavors) and a slice of Boston cream pie. Like they say, "When in Rome, eat Boston Cream Pie".  As the cannolis and pie took years off our lives we trekked towards downtown. We dropped in one of the coolest sneaker shops in the world; Bodega. A place I've only been able to read about, until now. There were no signs. In the windows were boxes of laundry soap, cat litter, and other 99 cent store items. When we first walked in there was a very small convenience store front. As we walked to the back there was a Snapple machine that was actually a secret door to the sneaker shop in the back. As I slid it open I could feel my pockets getting lighter. This place was amazing. I copped a tank top and we walked around the city a bit more.
Shana got ready to spend girls night with Shannon and Caitlin while Jace gave her step by step directions on how to get to Shannon's house using the T. Shana was stepping up to the big leagues of being an adult (by taking public transit all by herself). I kissed Shana goodbye and went to dine on some Cuban food. 
After fried plantains and chicken fricassee, Jace and I rode bikes to a house party. Having not been to a house party since Jnco jeans were in style I didn't know what to expect. The house party was pretty cool. We headed out early to catch his roommate's friend's band at a bar down the way. We managed to dodge the cover. We ordered what we thought was two bourbons with a splash of water, which ended up being three ice cubes floating in a quarter bottle of whiskey topped off with a quarter teaspoon of water. Not bad for a $6 drink. Shortly after finishing my tall, tall glass of varnish (slang for whiskey for youz guyz not keen to the lingo) we sped home to pass out.
Shana spent girls night at two different clubs. One could be described as a middle school dance party with all of the awkwardness you'd come to expect and the other was your typical bad music, fist pumping, sweaty people mashed together, dance fest. I was told the ladder was much more fun.
After the club scene, Shana and Co. went back to Shannon's place to terrorize her roommate Alex (all in the name of good fun of course) while making a late night pasta snack.

Cousin Shannon

Franch toast 

Shannon and Caitlin

Damon the body pillow

Caitlin's farming paying off

Day 7: Lady's Day/Dude's Day

Shaking off the night before was harder than I wanted it to be. Nothing a hot shower and an Epi pen couldn't cure. I substituted coffee for the Epi pen. Jace, Suzanne, Dave, and I walked down to consume a late breakfast. Our breakfast received 4 1/2 bubbles on Trip Advisor according to one of our table mates. I'd have to agree. They missed the last 1/2 bubble for the self serve coffee and multiple syrup forgettings. What better way to cap off a late breakfast than with a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery. 
Walking distance from Jace's house sat an American iconic building; the Sam Adam's Brewery. The free tour was very informative and was capped off with free beer. Our tour group had some d-bags from another state that shall not be mentioned (hint: rhymes with glue jersey), but all in all it was great. Can't really complain too much about free beer. I had some time to kill before Shana got back, so I visited my last sneaker shop in Boston; Laced. They had some heat in that place and I picked up a hat to commemorate my awesome day. Shana (now with her grown up card in hand) rode the T back to JP all by herself. 
Dinner consisted of two courses. Course one: Homemade paia (courtesy of Suzanne and Dave). For our USA send off we hopped down to 7/11 to treat ourselves to a real American dinner consisting of various noms, chemically altered puffs, and colored sugar water. We'll call this course two. The night ended as we played Minecraft and watched Bob's Burgers. Goodnight America, we'll miss you... sorta.


Farewell America

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