Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cabin Party

We spent last weekend in a cabin and it was perfectly relaxing. We went two other couple friends, and two pups. The weekend was spent eating, watching movies and a short hike. 

And when I say eating, I mean EATING. If we weren't eating, we were cooking. Kelsey organized all the meals and it was amazing. There was sweet potato hash, vegan gumbo, a delicious salad and so many treats. I'm just telling myself that I'm bulking for Europe...

The best part was the smell of the air and getting out of the stupid hot weather. I even went hiking - and didn't die! The pretty views got me excited for Europe and all the sight seeing we'll be doing. 

It was a nice relaxing weekend before getting down to business - there is SO MUCH TO DO. Packing up our home, lots of paper work/phone call stuff/research, shopping and of course some procrastinating to make everything stressfull at the last minute. 

So arsty

Camera meets camera



Kelsey's SMOOKIE (a s'more with two warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers)

Welp, see ya later.

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