Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Busy

Things are crazy right now. We made a trip to California that included 15 hours at Disneyland, a belated wedding reception in San Diego and the yearly family reunion/Portuguese Festa.

The following weekend we were exhibiting at the Phoenix Comicon for 4 long (and wonderfully awesome) days.

And now we have something large/magical/exciting in the works which I'll post about in the next week or so. SO EXCITING AND MAGICAL.

Oh! I also got a new camera finally. At the last minute (thanks to a random sale) I decided to get the Sony Nex 5r. And I snatched up an old Pentax lens from my parents house which helps make my photos look fancy.

These last few weeks in photos:

Amazing cake with our favorite things in life on top: Yoshi, video games and donuts.

The tiny family.

Playing a little "who wore it best?"

It was also Sister Cierra's birthday.

We saw some wildlife: a wild pugbeast.

And Comicon with Mike and Richard.

And Jerrad and Yoshi.

Welp, see ya later.


  1. Just found your blog through guys are so cute! I have the Sony NEX 5r too and it's pretty great. I'm envious of your lens though, your pictures look awesome!

    PS My fiance and I always say "Welp, see ya later!" to each other so I really appreciated that.

    1. Hi Rachel!

      You can find some cheap vintage lenses on Ebay and the adapter is pretty cheap too.

      haha, I love the "welp" thing. I like to use it when a conversation gets quiet and/or awkward and then just walk away.

      Also, I can't wait hear about your wedding! I hope the planning isn't too miserable.