Friday, March 15, 2013

In Limbo

Some exciting things are going to happen this summer, but I can't talk about them just yet. Which means my insides are filled with excitement and anxiety.

Until then I feel like I'm in a weird limbo. It's a strange place to be. Post wedding, pre fuckyeahlife.

Being in limbo has me question myself a lot about what I really want in life. THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS I CAN'T DECIDE. I'm slowly learning to just enjoy the journey rather than planning every step of the way. Very slowly learning.

This article by James Altucher (who I've been reading a lot of lately) really helped decrease my worries. I have it in my head that I need to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. Before kids, before I get older, before.. what? Why? I've convinced myself if I don't execute all of my ideas right now they will shrivel up and I'll miss the boat. Not true! And how nice that it's not true.

So in the meantime I need to enjoy this limbo, because I'll never be in this place again.


  1. I think we are all constantly in Limbo - so no worries :) Our happiness is forever changing.. what makes us happy now will completely change in 5 years.

    Pick the idea that is most important to you and do that one.. you will be surprised as you start chasing after one or two things that you love and bring you happiness the rest of your long list of to - do's fall into place!

    Opportunities open up when you are ready for them!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I like the idea of doing what makes me happy NOW. I sometimes get it in my head that I need to figure out what makes me happy FOREVER, which is silly. Because like you said, "our happiness is forever changing" :]