Friday, February 22, 2013

Name Change

I changed my last name.

I had a hard time coming to the final decision because I kept fighting what I truly wanted. 

I know the obvious feminist choice would've been to keep my name. I know my decision will be frowned upon in the feminist community, which saddens me.

My choice to change my name was not taken lightly. I talked to family & friends, I read a bunch of A Practical Wedding posts, I wrote in to East Side Bride and I read a crap ton of articles. I thought about it deeply, I wanted to make sure I knew all of my options and that I was making the right decision for me.

I changed my name for various reasons. Not because my partner pressured me to. Not for lack of knowledge. But because after much thought it was the right choice for me.

While I do feel strongly about the choice to change your name, I feel the power lies in the decision, not the choice. Research your options and decide what's best for YOU.


  1. who cares what people think as long as it's what's right for you? I'm still getting hassled for not changing my name.

    1. I keep trying to remind myself not to care! :]