Thursday, November 1, 2012

Because two Etsy Shops and Planning a Wedding Aren't Enough

I probably shouldn't drink coffee and watch Katy Perry movies.

Photo by Shannopop
Backstory; I'll watch ANYTHING when I crochet. I actually prefer to watch crappy stuff so I don't get distracted (Gossip Girl is my latest favorite). So when I friend offered to let me borrow the Katy Perry movie I was like YEAH BOY. I expected to just use it for background noise but I stupidly drank coffee (which is like crack to me) and I couldn't concentrate on crocheting. So I actually watched the movie.

And I loved it. I get inspired WAY too easily and random things make me feel really ambituous. Like Katy Perry movies. It made me start thinking about what I actually want to do with my art/craft, how I've been thinking about starting a new line of crochet goods/fiber art for over a year and why I keep putting it off. I think some of the reasons I keep putting it off are because I already have TWO shops, I'm planning a wedding and I can't think of a damn name for my future shop. But what's really stopping me? And why do I even feel the need to start another shop? 

I should probably stop being a baby and just do it. But in the meantime I have some Revenge to watch and cat toys to crochet.

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